P1Harmony ‘Disharmony: Find Out’ – Solid Start To The Year From One of The Strongest Rookies

P1Harmony returned with a powerful mini album. Every time this group releases new music, I’m eager to check it out. Disharmony: Find Out, is the third installment to their Disharmony series.

Their mini album carries the message of pursuing dreams and overcoming dark times. The lyrics are so uplifting and motivational. If you need songs to add to your workout playlist, or songs that give you a bit of hope – this mini album is for you.

The best place to start is their title track “Do It Like This”. The song is bright, fun and upbeat. The chorus is catchy, both song and choreography.

Here’s my reaction video to P1Harmony “Do It Like This” MV.

Their b-side tracks are just as great as the title track. Their vocal line: Keeho (my bias), Theo, and Jiung are spectacular. I love the various range they show throughout the album. Also their rap line: Intak, Soul, and Jongseob have a great flow and unique style.

It’s not easy keeping the same momentum from debut to comeback, but this group managed to keep it. Each song carries the same high quality as their debut mini album and I love it.

“That’$ Money” and “Bop” are powerful tracks with lots of style. “Follow Me”, is high energy and the bridge breakdown is epic. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but if I had to pick my current fav it would be “Follow Me”. I can’t help but want to scream the lyrics and head bang to this song. This would be a concert favorite (for sure) when they perform it live. The bridge is epic. What more can I say? Check out the whole song, you’ll thank me. Honestly, please check out the whole album.

The song “Before The Dawn” has some of my favorite lyrics. The song is about overcoming darkness and difficult times. It’s slower than the previous songs, but the message is strong.

“Peacemaker” is the last track on their mini album. It is hopeful with comforting lyrics. The choreography is different from what the group has shown previously. It incorporates softer, fluid movements, and I can see a bit of ballet and contemporary dance sprinkled in too. I’m so used to seeing P1Harmony perform high energy, powerful dances – and seeing this was a pleasant surprise. The members did a great job with this whole performance. Like I said, P1Harmony are top rookies and everyone should keep an eye on them.

Whether it’s high energy hip-hop songs or soft ballads, P1Harmony deliver each track with so much passion and excellence. Each song is high quality from start to finish. I hope P1Harmony will receive the recognition they deserve. No doubt they’ll attract new audiences from around the world as they continue to grow as a team and artists.


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