There’s no denying the second half of 2021 was full of amazing comebacks. Although there’s lots that I missed in December. But nonetheless here’s my list of favorite releases from September – December.

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This list consists of my favorite Kpop songs released by month, enjoy!


HyunA and Dawn “Ping Pong” 

  • If this song was released a few months prior…it would probably be tied with HyunA’s “I’m Not Cool” for the most replayed song of the year for me. What can I say? The song “Ping Pong” is addicting like sugar. Every time I play this song it brightens my day. Also the choreography is so fun too.

NCT 127 “Lemonade”

  • Some of you may or may not know – but NCT 127 “Lemonade” is my favorite song from their Sticker album. Personally I think this is title track worthy. I love the witty lyrics, the track video they released for it, and the overall vibe of the song.

Purple Kiss “Zombie”

  • Purple Kiss is back on the list. Their song “Zombie” was super fun and unique. I love how they put a twist on the whole zombie concept. It was definitely perfect for the fall season. The song has an addicting chorus and I loved it.

Key “Saturday Night” 

  • Fun and funky, that’s how I describe “Saturday Night”. Key had a solid comeback but I kept replaying “Saturday Night” and “Hate that…”. Both songs are different but amazing. If you need a fun song to play on the weekend (and even throughout the week) “Saturday Night” is the song for you.


  • Another fantastic comeback from ITZY. “LOCO” is catchy and the bridge is my favorite. I’m so happy lots of people also enjoyed this song. The choreography, music video, and performances were top notch. Every time I play the song I gotta dance to it.

Lisa “Lalisa” 

  • Lisa was one of my top favorite female solo debuts of the year. “Lalisa” was on replay for weeks and even to this day I still play the song. The song mixes various genres but they work perfectly together – same for the music video. I also love how it showcases the different sides of Lisa.


CNBLUE “Love Cut”

  • CNBLUE came back with a fun song and a witty music video to match. Also shoutout to their b-side track “99%” that song was a tie with “Love Cut”. This comeback was so awesome and I wished it was longer. Also, fun fact CNBLUE they are one of my ULT bands (and overall Kpop group). So I was beyond excited when they had this comeback and yes it exceeded my expectations. I’m beyond proud and happy for them.

WOODZ (Seungyoun) “Thinkin bout you”

  • One of the best albums of the year (in my list) is WOODZ Only Lovers Left. I’ve been a fan of Seungyoun’s music in the past. However, this comeback took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to love every single song on the album. I had OLL on repeat all day everyday and needless to say…all the songs made it on my Spotify wrapped list 😅 But my number one favorite song on the album is “Thinkin bout you”. It’s one of the best songs of 2021, hands down no argument.

Aespa “aenergy”

  • Aespa’s song “aenergy” is a b-side track but it’s a total anthem. The lyrics are easy to follow and I love how the members have so much confidence in this song. Their mini album was great too and their title track “Savage” is iconic. But “aenergy” is still my favorite.

Seventeen “Rock with you”

  • Fun, fun, fun, oh did I mention…fun? I immediately loved this song after listening to it just once. It’s a feel-good, good vibes, sunshine-in-music-form type of song. I play it when I’m feeling down or when I just want something fun to sing along to. It was seriously a great comeback from Seventeen.


Super Junior D&E “Beautiful Liar”

  • This is one of my top favorite Super Junior D&E’s songs (and they have lots of great ones). “Beautiful Liar” is so addictive. I still replay it every other day cause it’s just so catchy and it makes me want to dance every time.

ONEUS “Luna”

  • If you’re like me and loved ONEUS “Lit”, you’ll also love “Luna”. The song is high energy and full of traditional Korean sounds. I enjoyed everything about this comeback.

The Boyz “Maverick”

  • I love when The Boyz release powerhouse songs. “Maverick” made it on this list because I love how epic this whole comeback was. The music video was intense but cool. Also their b-side tracks “Hypnotized” and “Russian Roulette” deserve recognition too.

SF9 “Trauma”

  • SF9 comeback with their sexy song “Trauma” and I loved it! The members looked stunning in this comeback. I like how SF9 show their own style through the sexy concept. I’ve had this song stuck in my head several times, it’s so good.

Hwasa “I’m a 빛”

  • This song is bold and unapologetic just like Hwasa. I love the message behind this song. Hwasa’s vocals are amazing. This is another song to play if you need a boost of confidence. I highly recommend it!

Kai “Come In”

  • Where do I begin with Kai’s solo comeback? Every single song on Peaches is excellent. But the song that I love just a little bit more than the rest is his b-side track “Come In”. His voice is so smooth. Also I have to mention his other b-side track “Vanilla”, it’s heavenly. Overall I really love his album.


*disclaimer: in December I missed lots of comebacks. There’s still albums and songs that I’m currently listening to. So if you don’t see them on the list, most likely I’m still in the process of listening to them. That’s why in my yearly Kpop list I rarely put any song released in December.

However one group and one artist completely shocked me and quickly made it on my list.

FTISLAND “Unthinkable”

  • How do I express how bittersweet this song is? Hong Ki’s vocals are phenomenal. The song is so beautiful yet so sad. The other songs on their album are just as good. I recently discovered FTISLAND (and by recently I mean the last week of November). So when they had their comeback I was surprised at how quickly I loved all the songs they released – so much so they made it on my list.

V “Christmas Tree”

  • Last but not least, I wasn’t expecting to fall for this OST so fast. It was released December 24th and all throughout Christmas Eve and even Christmas Day I was playing it. V’s vocals are so soft and sweet. I love the melody. The song makes me want to slow dance and just take a deep breath. It’s peaceful, beautiful, and sentimental. Again, I’m shocked at how quickly I fell in love with this song.

Well there you have it everyone! My favorite Kpop songs released in 2021.

Friendly reminder if I didn’t mention a certain group or artist check out my monthly blog posts (they might be there). Thank you for sticking with me throughout the year. I expect 2022 to be another great year full of awesome comebacks and debuts.


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