Is KEP1ER “WA DA DA” One of The Best Debuts Of 2022?

Lately it’s been difficult for me to really get into a debut the first time. Usually I have to listen to the song a couple of times in order to warm up to it.

I’ve heard about KEP1ER because they are a temporary group that was formed from MNET’s survival program Girls Planet 999. I’ll admit, I didn’t watch Girls Planet because I didn’t want to go through the emotional rollercoaster that idol survivor programs inflict on me.

I didn’t know what to expect from KEP1ER, I assumed they would have a bubblegum / cute concept, which isn’t really my favorite type of concept.

But I decided to check them out nonetheless. MY. GOODNESS. Did they shock me in a good way!

Here’s my reaction to KEP1ER “WA DA DA” MV.

The song perfectly blends bright bubblegum with pop girl crush concept so well. Rarely do groups pull off multiple concepts like this. But I was amazed how well KEP1ER’s debut was. The music video is entertaining. From the first shot the members pull viewers in – with the cool circular formation they did with their arms, to the lyrics.

I can honestly say I play “WA DA DA” at least once a day. According to Spotify “WA DA DA” is one of my top most replayed songs of 2022 so far …for two months straight!

The choreography is definitely my favorite. The movements in the chorus are simple yet catchy.

Did I memorize the choreography?

Yes. Absolutely. Every time the song comes on I dance to it.

Here’s my reaction to KEP1ER “WA DA DA” dance practice video.

I’ve noticed from the music video and their music show performances the members in KEP1ER perfectly balance each other out. Some members are bright and bubbly on stage while others are fierce and sassy. The song requires both styles and I’m glad all nine members can convey this so well in their performances.

Who knows what other groups will debut in 2022. But as of right now, I firmly believe KEP1ER is one of the best debuts so far this year. They blended two concepts into one so perfectly. To have someone like me….who takes a while to warm up to a newly debuted group….to get hooked on the song and group immediately shows KEP1ER’s power.

It’s sad this is a temporary group. But with a solid debut, I wish the group and the members all the best in their musical journey.

P.S. Yes, their b-side tracks are also solid. I recommend you check them out as well.


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