Get Ready For BIGBANG’s Comeback!

As most of you may already know the legendary group BIGBANG will be having their comeback April 5th. This is probably the most anticipated comeback of the year.

It’s been about four years since their last comeback and so many things have happened since then. There’s lots of excitement and curiosity for their comeback. The lyric posters they released give off a nostalgic feel. I think the song will be soft and full of emotion – similar to “Flower Road” and “Last Dance”.

On my channel I asked who the next group for my throwback series should be about. BIGBANG received the most votes. This poll was back in February – before BB announced their comeback. I honestly think the timing was so perfect. Thank you everyone who voted 😀

To celebrate and get ready for their comeback I decided to upload my throwback videos every day leading up to their comeback! Usually I upload my throwback videos once a week. But because this is BIGBANG and this is a very important comeback, I decided to change it up.

Here are all four videos of my BIGBANG throwback series. I did skip some music videos and I didn’t include unit MVs or solos. I’ll be posting those videos in the future. But for now I hope you enjoy these videos and get excited for their comeback!


By the way, in this video I briefly share how I discovered BIGBANG and share my views on certain things 😉




Thank you all for watching / reading this post. I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me. There’s no denying BIGBANG has contributed so much to the KPOP industry. I hope this comeback will mark a new chapter for the group – and hope it’s not a goodbye.


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