BIGBANG’s “Still Life” Bids Farewell To An Era and Signals A New Beginning For Each Member


That is what BIGBANG is.

There’s no denying they have contributed so much to Kpop over the years, inspiring millions around the world.

After four years BIGBANG released their single, “Still Life”. It’s a slow rock song. The lyrics represent each members’ individual journey and also collectively as a group. This song is heartbreaking yet beautiful. G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung’s vocals convey so much emotion. Each scene is so personal to each member just like the lyrics they sing. Especially in T.O.P.’s scene when he reveals his face and stares at the camera. His scene definitely felt like he was saying goodbye. Many have said this song is a farewell song. But I want to believe this marks a new beginning – a new season for the group.

It’s not a solid ‘the end’ but more of a ‘we’ll see you later’.

I think each member will focus on individual projects for now. But I hope one day in the future they’ll be together again.

Here’s my first reaction to the song and music video. Then I go on and analyze the lyrics and the video. You might want to get a box of tissues before watching.

I have been listening to “Still Life” all day. A part of me doesn’t want to move on from this comeback just yet. I want to savor every note and lyric. I understand we (probably) won’t be getting another BIGBANG comeback any time soon. So I stand with VIPs around the world – celebrating the last 16 years of this incredible group while hoping for a bright future for all the members.

There’s so much I want to talk about in regards to BIGBANG but right now words fail me. I might write up another blog post and elaborate more on this group and their contribution to the industry. But for now, I’ll just listen to “Still Life” and remember the good times.

Here are the lyrics to “Still Life”, I hope these words move you just as they moved me and many others who support BIGBANG.

“At sunset next year, A blooming spring
A midsummer night’s dream
Feeling fall, then winter’s snow 
Four times a year, spring comes again

Goodbye now to my beloved young days
Our beautiful spring summer fall winter

“Four season with no reason.”
After the rain, instead of sadness comes a happy end
A seven-colored rainbow slanted like a sneer
Passed the seasons without maturing, I can’t mature (still)
Immature and long gone without maturing, Marchin’ Vivaldi
Tchaikovsky, greeting the seasons of today
Finally, the four at last

Boy looking over at the sky
Doing well throughout the four seasons Good-bye
Those who left and those who came
The world above our head
I’m leaving inspiration’s amazon
Burying all the trauma from past nights
A round-trip ship running, risking its life to start anew
I’m going to change more than before
A good person more and more
A better person more and more
With the morning dew, burying my anger in the past
For Life

I miss the boy and girl who cried and laughed
I keep remembering those glorious and loving days

The seasons pass hopelessly as days go by
Going through our hearts by staining red and bruising blue

For the day, the moment that will come again someday 
(For you)
Our beautiful spring summer fall winter

La la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la

At sunset next year, A blooming spring
A midsummer night’s dream
Feeling fall, then winter’s snow 
Spring summer fall winter”


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