My Top Kpop Songs From 2022

There have been lots of amazing comebacks and debuts in 2022. I’m sure you’ll look back and think of specific songs that will remind you of that year. I certainly will. There were some comebacks that I’ll never forget and songs that I constantly replayed.

One song in particular was my ANTHEM for 2022 and it is Kang Daniel’s ‘Upside Down’. Without a doubt that song was a staple in my life. In the good days and bad, I would play ‘Upside Down’. Also Daniel’s entire album The Story is one of my favorites of the year. Same for his repackaged album The Story: RETOLD. Daniel has a gift for expressing various emotions and messages in his music. I’m grateful he released music that resonates with so many people including myself.

So without further delay, here’s my top favorite songs / comebacks of 2022!

By the way, I list them in order of release date from January – November.

If you haven’t listened to any of the songs I mentioned in my video, please I HIGHLY recommend you check them out.

I gotta say 2022 was great but let’s make 2023 even better. Cheers to the New Year everyone 🥂