Peak Time (피크타임) Episodes 5-11 Recap

JTBC Peak Time (피크타임) is a South Korean competition show, giving struggling Kpop groups a second chance. 

I share all my thoughts on the remaining episodes in the videos below. 

Check out the After Show for more commentary and rewatch all of these great performances:

Episodes 5-7 After Show

Episodes 6-9 After Show

Episodes 10-11 After Show

SPOILER: The winner of Peak Time was VANNER! 

The final rank was:

  2. MASC
  3. 24:00
  4. DKB
  5. BAE173
  6. MONT

Peak Time is one of my favorite idol competition shows. I love that this show gave groups a second chance. I think the judges and the staff genuinely want to help these groups. I’m so happy for every group that competed. I hope this is the start of a new chapter for all of them.