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Once Upon A Time Season 6 Recap

Tonight was the winter finale of Once Upon A Time *claps hands and gives a mischievous smile* Can we talk about Rumple and Belle’s son?


Warning this is FILLED WITH SPOILERS. Well duh…its a RECAP of the last episode (it’s on the title).

Alright so the main concern during season 6 was to defeat the Evil Queen and make sure Emma’s vision of her murder doesn’t come true.


In this episode the Evil Queen becomes a snake…no literally…she’s in a cage and everything. Not to mention we finally know who the person underneath the hood is, which is the same person that turned the Evil Queen into a snake.

Before we talk about “Hood Person” let’s talk about Belle.

Belle sent her son, Giddeon, with the Blue Fairy to keep him away (and safe) from Rumple. Because Belle still thinks he’s the one that sped her pregnancy.


It FRUSTRATES ME  he hasn’t told her that it was THE EVIL QUEEN who sped up the pregnancy.


In tonight’s episode Blue (the fairy) came back severely injured. Belle and Rumple find out their son was taken by the Black Fairy (Rumple’s evil mother). Their son was taken into a dark realm where time works differently. Therefore when we see him again he’s older.


Yay for more Rumple family issues!


(I was being sarcastic…but I’m not gonna lie his family issues make everything more interesting)

Moving on to Aladdin’s storyline.


Aladdin was the savior back in Agrabah but then he went missing. Fast forward a bit and he’s in Storybrooke reunited with Jasmine. Long story said short…he’s now the Genie. The Evil Queen got her hands on the lamp and used him to grant her wish.


Can you guess what her wish was?

Since she knows all wishes come with a price. She granted Emma’s wish.


Emma had told Aladdin (before he was a Genie) that she wished she wasn’t the savior. So the Evil Queen’s wish was to grant Emma’s wish. Did I lose you there?

Evil Queen’s Wish = Emma’s Wish + Aladdin granting it = Emma gone.


Aladdin had no choice but to grant this wish. Emma was propelled into the world where she was born and raised with Snow and Charming in their original realm. A world where the curse never happened and Emma never became the savior.


Regina realized she’s the same person as the Evil Queen so she made a wish to Aladdin. Her wish was to go wherever Emma was. Regina finds Emma and made her remember who she really was.


Regina made a deal with Rumple (from that world) and now she has the bean that can take them back to Storybrooke.


Right before they’re gonna jump into the portal…surprise surprise….Robin Hood shows up! *the crowd cheers*


BUT Regina was so shocked to see him they missed the portal so now they are stuck in that world. *rolls eyes* Good going, Regina.


As for Hook…he still can’t be with Emma. BUT since he’s been hanging out with the Charming family he’s learned to never give up.


Not to mention this season Hook has been Emma’s #1 supporter. Yay Hook!

So now…who’s the person underneath the hood? The famous hood person Emma saw in her vision? The hood person that’s supposed to kill her?


Look no further than Rumple and Belle’s son…Giddeon!


Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 10.20.23 PM.png

After watching this episode everyone is just…Cy4am_oW8AA5_z0.jpg

At least I am. Even though I saw it coming towards the end.

Now we wait till March for the second half of season 6. Thank you Once Upon A Time creators for keeping me hooked on the show after all these years. I’m still invested in these fantastic characters and the incredible storylines.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week! Try not to think about the fact we have to wait months till the next season 😉

By the way I got some social media accounts if you wanna see what I’m up too





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