Alright so there’s a new show about a young guy who wakes up from a 12 year coma and has superpowers. Turns out during those 12 years he was actually in another realm.

Ok that seems like a simple yet interesting plot to get hooked on.


Freeform is the proud owner of “Beyond”. They have been advertising the HECK out of it so while I sat on my couch fighting a cold and trying to get over my post-holiday blues, I decided to binge watch the show.

Here’s my SPOILER-FREE video review of Beyond. But KEEP SCROLLING to see my SPOILER FILLED detailed review of the show.

Believe me I got A LOT more to say…


1.) Love interests?

  • I understand Holden wants some sort of normalcy in his life so he tries to date Jamie (that was a flop…no point to her character)
  • Willa – We know from the start she and Holden have history but it takes awhile for Holden to realize that. She’s a great character.


  • Charlie – Ok this one kinda gets me. Charlie is a FANTASTIC character. At first I didn’t know what to think of her but she kinda has that Sherlock vibe that she is just a genius.


  • However when she meets with Holden its in THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON. I never pictured her falling for him, yet she does. They were only together for two episodes?
  • Besides from one episode, we don’t see Charlie use her special gift the rest of the show which I was pretty bummed about.



2.) What happened during the 12 years?

  • Yes, I understand they explain Holden, Willa, and Arthur were in the realm training and surviving.
  • BUT is that all? Did they have a place to live in the realm (besides the temple)?
  • Did they eat anything?
  • Did they meet any other people?
  • Was it just surviving all those TWELVE years?
  • I wanted to get a bit more info on their day-to-day lives at least for Holden. Perhaps IF there is a season 2 I would love to learn more about that.


3.) What is the “Realm”?

  • The realm is built upon the whole idea of when you die you see a white light…well that leads you to the realm which is sort of a limbo place (or something like that).
  • At first its a forest
  • Second its a cool Tomorrowland-ish futuristic city (I was excited to see it thinking it would be like the movie Tomorrowland the one with George Clooney)
  • I was wrong.
  • And thirdly the realm is also this ice-glass bridge in the sky…
  • To be honest I would’ve been very happy with just the futuristic city setting.



5.) There’s potential

  • Yes, this show has potential.
  • If they get approved for another season I think the writers could add more storylines and plot twists to the show
  • I UNDERSTAND since this is the first season it’s a bit slow because it introduces the audience to the characters and the general plot.
  • But if “Beyond” would be approved for a few more seasons they could continue building on and this okay tv show could be great.


There you have it!

So if you just want an easy to binge show that’s quite interesting and keeps you curious then I recommend Beyond.

If you want a show that keeps your brain rolling and keeps you on the edge of your seat…I recommend Sherlock.