No this isn’t a review. Instead this is a project I’ve decided I will do throughout the year.

Last year was filled with lots of ups and downs. Of course I don’t go off on the internet whining about my life. I like to keep things positive and honestly what happens in my personal life….I like to keep it there not on the Internet.

But with that being said this year I want to build myself up for whatever this year might throw at me.


I’ll (try) to document once a week on my progress towards my goals for this year. I hope this will make me accountable of the things I do but also inspire other people who have been stuck and want to improve themselves.

So here are my main goals that I’ll be working towards:

Education – I don’t just wanna pass a class with a B but I want to make an effort and actually learn. Use the information and make it useful in my everyday life. Usually when I learn something in class I keep it in my head until the end of the semester. Then I throw away all the things I learned. But not this time.


Organizing – When I lived on my own during my Disney College Program I was SUPER organized. I kept track of my time, I would sleep early, and actually do everything on my ‘To Do’ list. Now that I moved back home I’m nowhere near as organized as I used to. So this year I want to actually get a full nights rest, keep my room organized, keep my schedule updated (and follow through) and I want to organize my time. Even if that means I can’t binge watch on the weekends when I should be running errands instead.


Work on myself – yes making an effort to look good rather than looking like I just got out of bed is one of the things I want to focus on. But mostly my spiritual life. I want to read the Bible more, pray more, and overall learn to trust God more. I want to be able to pray for people and live a life of faith.


Social media – I want to continue being consistent with my YouTube channel and blog. I want to create content that I enjoy…whether that’s reviews or just talking about my experience in Disney. Also I want to build my social media platforms. Instagram specifically.


I’m sure throughout the year I might add onto the list but for now that’s it.

Thanks for reading and may 2017 bring lots of happiness and accomplishments into your life.