Let the games…er…dancing begin! The 2017 Spring season of Dancing With the Stars has officially started. Boy oh boy do I have my sights set on certain couples. But others…let’s just say they’ll be eliminated before people realize the season even started.


In no particular order here are my thoughts on the first performances of these stars.

Bonner Bolton:


The handsome cowboy that is partnered with the amazing pro, Sharna. It’s obvious these two have chemistry. Everyone believes they’re together (maybe they are…maybe not). He’s NOT the greatest dancer. So that was a bummer.

I don’t think he’ll be eliminated anytime soon because I know the producers (and the audience) are going to play up the chemistry and potential romance between Sharna and Bonner.




The Spanish pop culture icon is paired with Keo. Let’s face it she won’t last long on the show I’ll give her two weeks. But she is entertaining and crazy. She’s definitely someone we haven’t seen on the show before. Perhaps people will vote for her to see what she’ll say or do next?


Chris Kattan:


The SNL comedian from 1996-2003 is partnered with Witney. He seems a bit awkward but funny. Sadly he can’t dance, at all. But he’s a comedian and I’m sure he just wants to make people laugh. His performance was more of him showcasing goofy dance moves, which was okay for the first performance. I hate to say this (I hate to say this about anyone) but I think they’ll be the first couple eliminated. 🙁


David Ross:


World Series champion for the Chicago Cubs paired with Lindsay. I was honestly surprised by David’s performance. I thought he was going to have two left feet…but I was completely wrong. He did WAY better than Chris and Bonner. I think he’ll get better as the weeks go by.


Erika Jayne:


The real housewife of Beverly Hills is paired with Gleb. I didn’t like her performance. Just plain and simple. It was awkward.


Heather Morris:


This backup dancer for Beyonce and actress from Glee is partnered with Maks. Honestly I had no idea who she was (I don’t watch Glee). I thought she wouldn’t be good.

But holy cow! This woman is a diamond in disguise. She delivered a perfect performance worthy of a score of 9/10 in my opinion. But since it’s the first week the judges gave her a 7/10…it’s obvious she was perfect.

I feel her personality is greatly overshadowed by everyone else on the show, it might be hard for her to get votes. But my votes are going straight to her. She’ll definitely go far (hopefully to the finals)!


Mr. T:


I don’t have to introduce who Mr. T is…if not “I pity you fool!” He is partnered with Kym, which I am very happy to see her back on the show. Mr. T cannot dance. His first dance was a main course of boxing moves, served with no actual dancing. I think his popularity will get him through the first week, but I think he’ll be eliminated by week three.


Nancy Kerrigan:


The famous ice skater that had a horrible accident in the 1994 Winter Olympics is paired with Artem. Nancy (just like Heather) is so graceful with her arms and upper body, needs to work on her footwork. But I believe she’ll also go far in the competition.


Nick Viall:


The famous Bachelor who (according to Twitter) proposed to the wrong woman, is partnered with Peta. Don’t look at me…I don’t watch The Bachelor so I can’t judge. I’m simply saying what I keep seeing on Twitter. Anyway, he is another star that surprised me.

Nick CAN dance! Whoah, I didn’t expect that at all. I think he’ll be the last man standing in the competition. Easily the best male dancer this season.


Normani Kordei:


This young woman who is part of the girl group “Fifth Harmony” is partnered with Val. I’m not a fan of Fifth Harmony but I’ll admit Normani can dance. Her first performance was good. She’ll be a tough competitor. Not to mention her massive fan base that has clogged social medias with propaganda to vote for her will help too.


Rashad Jennings:


This top NFL player is partnered with the wonderful Emma. I don’t know much about Rashad but he’s a decent dancer. Not the best but not the worst. I think if he applies Emma’s teachings to his dances then he can make it through the first few weeks of the show.


Simone Biles:


The best and most decorated gymnast in history is paired with funny and lovable Sasha. When I found out Simone would be on the show, I knew she already had my vote. Simone plus Sasha equals a giggly fun duo filled with confetti and endless laughter.

I enjoyed watching them and I’m sure they’ll make it through to the finals.

Along with Heather, Team Golden Giggles has my vote.


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.32.24 AM.png

Well those were my predictions and recap of the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars. Obviously my votes are going to Heather and Simone. They seem like strong contenders and I really want to see them come back week after week.