As I sit here listening to the Wonder Woman film score I can’t help but think, how would it be like to be a female action star?

I’m betting it’s tough. But Gal Gaddot delivered her Wonder Woman performance spectacularly.


I didn’t think much about the Wonder Woman film until last week. Mostly because I didn’t want to have high (or low) expectations. I just wanted to be neutral. Besides most of my energy and film obsession was aimed at Pirates of the Caribbean, which didn’t disappoint!

You can watch me gush about it here. 😉

Anyway, while I was watching the movie I was completely sucked in. Diana instantly became a lovable, fierce character that the audience couldn’t help but root for her.

Her chemistry with Steve Trevor, who is played by the amazingly awesome Chris Pine, was great.


He helped fill any questions, we the audience, would have about a woman being born and raised in an island filled with…women. He (just like Diana) was a fighter but I think he was more intellectual than a fighter.

I loved the tag team between Steve and Diana They needed each other.


This movie didn’t dumb down the male character(s) just to build up the female character. On the contrary they built each other up. Her weaknesses and his weaknesses and her strengths and his strengths were perfectly shown throughout the film.

After watching this movie, I felt like I could do anything I put my mind to. I know that sounds lame and redundant but it’s true!

I’m currently training for a marathon and boy sometimes it can get tough. But it’s all in the mind, it’s all about what you believe in that keeps you going. Diana really embodies that. She has a strong belief and in the face of adversity that’s what keeps her going.


In one scene she is completely destroyed but she turns to see the group of men that journeyed with her, fighting despite the fact they didn’t have weapons and were pretty much doomed. Their strength gave her strength and I thought that was wonderful!

wonder-woman-movie-stills-gal-gadot-37If you can go to the movie theaters and watch Wonder Woman I guarantee you’ll walk out of the movie theaters with your head held high.


If you guys want to see me talk more about the characters and how I think Diana is like Captain America, you can watch that here!


I hope you all have a great weekend and go to the movies! 😀