How To Stay Motivated When You Feel Unmotivated

We’ve all been there. When you have to force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Let’s face it, it’s summer and you’ve completely forgotten about your new year’s resolution MONTHS ago.

But hey! It’s time for you to FOCUS again. Grab hold of that wrinkly new year’s resolution page and let’s get you MOTIVATED!


1. Be Honest With Yourself

Answer some questions honestly. This will help you pinpoint the area you should focus/ work on.

This could be applied to your work, sports, hobbies, etc.

  • What made you want to start?
  • What are the things you originally loved about it?
  • What are the things you hate about it now?
  • Why do those things make you hate it?
  • Is what you are doing part of a long term goal you want to achieve?
  • What did you originally want to accomplish when you first started?

If what you are doing is part of a long term goal (or just any goal) you must go back to question 1. What made you want to start and why did you love it? Usually I go back to the roots.

I make weekly videos for my youtube channel and when I feel unmotivated I ask myself these questions. I remind myself why I started. I started making YouTube videos because I love to share ideas, thoughts, and just connect with people.

why you started.jpg


2. Look At The End

Remind yourself of the finish line. I picture the feeling of accomplishing whatever it is I’m working on. Whether it’s the amount of miles I run or the number of YouTube subscribers; I imagine myself reaching the goal I had written down.

finish line.jpg

Picture what it is you are working towards. If it’s a job you feel unmotivated about. Think about why you got into the job in the first place. Maybe it’s to make money and survive. But you have to PICTURE YOURSELF saving enough money or getting that promotion. This will help you preform better and work harder.

When we remind ourselves of the end goal it helps us align our priorities and reminds us why we are doing what we are doing

3. Scream and Shout and Let It Out

Okay honestly don’t scream and shout, most likely the people around you will hate you. But DO let it out. Sometimes without realizing it when I’m unmotivated I start complaining (constantly) about whatever it is I’m doing.

It’s good to ask ourselves the questions from part 1 (above). It helps you realize what YOU are doing. But it’s also important to let others know too.


When I feel unmotivated I tell everything to my mom. Whenever I complain she’s the first person to stop me and slap some sense into me.

Having someone else know how you feel, not only gets the burdens off your chest, but it opens the door to gaining support for whatever it is you are doing.

That person you confide in will view your situation in a different perspective than you. They’ll make you see things you couldn’t see. 

If you want three more tips on how to stay motivated I made a video about it: 😀

I hope this post was somewhat helpful. I understand every person’s situation is different and people deal with motivation in different ways. These tips were just some of the ways on how I deal with feeling unmotivated.

I hope you all have a great week! 🙂