“Go on and cry me a river.” Specifically to everyone on twitter. Yes I’m talking to you, the vicious, merciless, petty, haters.

In the halftime show Justin Timberlake started with a new song from his latest album, “Man of the Woods.” The first notes to “Filthy” starts to play and JT begins to dance with lasers zooming around him.

Visually the opening was stunning. Personally, I was so glad “Filthy” was the opening song. The first time I heard “Filthy” I knew it was the type of song that begged to be listened to with a full on performance.

Moving on, JT went out into the field and onto a stage with dancers and his band. He sang out his hits and the crowd went wild (including me).

At one point a large fabric flowed in the middle of the stadium and a projection of Prince played. Yes people…it’s a projection NOT a hologram. Know the difference. 636533753376508827-USP-NFL-SUPER-BOWL-LII-PHILADELPHIA-EAGLES-VS-NEW-97151330

Whether Prince or JT hated each other (don’t know the story between them…don’t really care), at least JT honored him in this performance. He didn’t have to, but he did.

JT would’ve probably gotten WAY more hate if he didn’t mention Prince in his performance (so get over it people).

The screen changes to the view outside of the stadium and the whole area is lit purple and then Prince’s famous sign is projected on the ground. Visually stunning.


Later on, JT started his song “Mirror” and the arena sparkled as if millions of pieces of glass were scattered around. Thousands of dancers pulled out their own sheets of a mirror. As JT performed, honestly I got chills. The song, the visuals, and the massive crowd just made everything about it perfect.


Then JT changes to “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” The mirrors turn into colorful boards and the pop singer from Tennessee dances towards the crowd.


There he meets a young boy and they take a selfie together. The boy looks clueless after the selfie…not sure what to do with himself. But at least now he will forever be known as “The selfie boy.”


But the energy of the crowd around him was a 10/10 and that is how his great performance ended.

Many people are comparing JT’s performance to those from the past. But let me make this VERY CLEAR:

Each performer brings their own style and personality to the show they give.

If you see JT’s new album (the physical copy not what you see on your little phones), the theme of his album is the great outdoors. Tennessee as we know it (or at least how I know it). His wardrobe reflects that (the outdoors). If you would see the artwork on his album it makes perfect sense as to what he was wearing.


His performance didn’t include crazy stunts, strippers, people twerking, or miscellaneous guest performers. NO it was just JT, his music, his band, his dancers. Just a guy having a good time on stage.

I thought it was classy, fun, and groovy. Best Super Bowl Halftime Show in my opinion. For the record every year I do watch the halftime shows since I can remember.

So to all the haters out there “Go on and just cry me a river.”