Back in the Game

It’s November and basically this is the month I stop procrastinating and get stuff done. I’ve been writing like crazy (it’s National Novel Writing Month) and I plan on filming way more YouTube videos.

This is just a little post letting you all know I’m back and I’ll be organizing this site. I’m hoping it’ll be easier to find a review or post you guys want to read.

For those wondering why I took a break from the internet. It’s simple. I needed a break from the internet. I hadn’t realized how consumed I was with twitter, catching up with any and every piece of news. Or endlessly scrolling on Instagram watching my friends live their lives while I was just…scrolling on Instagram.

I got discouraged (big time) and realized I needed to get my life together. So I took a break, did a bit of soul searching, re-focused myself, set my priorities straight, and now I have a plan.

Thank you all for being patient with me as I re-structure this site and my YouTube channel.


P.S. Yes, the picture of this post is me holding a Captain Marvel mug I bought from Her Universe. Yes, I’m hoping the movie doesn’t suck.

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