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Yes, There Will Be A Toy Story 4 Movie

Today Disney released a teaser trailer for Toy Story 4…yes this will be the fourth  Toy Story movie…crazy right?

Now to those who are sick and tired of Toy Story movies…most likely you didn’t grow up with them. The first Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were my childhood!

Anyway I watched the teaser trailer right before work today…and wow I wanted to talk about it with anyone and everyone. But when you work with adults…they are unamused with life, sigh.

When you think Pixar can’t get any better at CGI…they release this teaser trailer and prove the world that they are still the best.

The teaser is cute and funny introducing a new character, Forky, who technically isn’t a toy. It’s funny and super cute showing the original characters we know and love.

I’m VERY excited for Toy Story 4…I don’t care if people say Disney is doing this for money. Literally Disney can take all my money I love their movies, the parks, etc. So good job Disney…you’re doing great sweetie!





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