If you would’ve told me a month ago I would be in line to watch a documentary film on a K-pop group…I would’ve said, “You’re crazy.”

But life is funny and in a twist of events there I was in line with other fans, eager to watch BTS in fullscreen glory.

By the way this is BTS: (top) V, Jin, Jimin – (bottom) RM, Suga, J-Hope and Jungkook.

Here’s a brief background with my relationship with K-pop. – I never took it seriously. I assumed it was a bunch of Korean guys and gals singing “cutesy” songs that were annoying.

But boy I was absolutely wrong.

By accident I listened to Idol from BTS, without knowing it was from them and instantly fell in love with the song. From then on I was hooked with their music and energy. Thanks to my lovely cousin (who has been a fan of Kpop much longer than anyone in the west coast) has introduced me to more K-pop groups.

For the record she has tried (for several years) to get me into K-pop but I always refused. So, you can imagine how excited she is now that I appreciate her taste in music.

Fast-forward to the movie.

So Burn The Stage documents the boys visiting most of the locations during their Wings tour. From Asia to the Americas including the Billboard Music Awards, it shows their hopes, fears and excitement.

The movie doesn’t shy away from showing the harsh realities of constantly touring: singing and dancing almost every night. It shows when they get injured , when they made a mistake on stage, or when they nailed a performance.

They give the fans a full perspective on their lives – from chilling and warming up backstage to eating or creating music on their days off.

This movie truly shows the brotherhood between each of the seven members and how much they depend on each other. Not to mention how they are constantly lifting each other up, pushing themselves to be the best version they can be.

Now, one thing I’ll admit, I was disappointed was – the LACK OF CONCERT FOOTAGE!

I’m sure everyone was waiting to see at least one full live performance. But instead it showed bits and pieces of it. Like other music documentaries we wanted to experience the concert, the full show…but we didn’t get that.

Burn The Stage is a film made for the fans. I’m sure they’ll love to see this side of the band, which they’ll fall even more in love with them.

I hope sometime in the future they’ll release a full concert film, so their fans from around the world can experience, at least a piece, of what it’s like to see them live.

For now, luckily we have YouTube and Vlive that we can watch their performances.

If you get the chance I recommend you watch Burn The Stage. Even if you’re not a K-pop fan, you’ll appreciate seeing how hard these boys (and their crew) work to put on incredible performances that honestly the whole world can obsess with.

P.S. My bias is V, for those of you wondering. 😉

Thanks for reading.