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My Honest Opinion on Kpop

Obviously Kpop isn’t all rosy and happy-go-lucky, even though companies try to make them seem that way.

I did some research on the Kpop industry (also thanks to the help of my Kpop obsessed cousin). I found out it’s an interesting system but there’s also some downsides to it.

I filmed a nice little (okay it’s actually pretty long…sorry about that) video. I give my thoughts on Burn The Stage (look at my previous blog post, y’all were the first to get my thoughts on the movie).

Since the video is a bit long here’s an outline of what I talk about so you guys can skip around…if you’re too lazy to watch the whole thing:

BTS Burn The Stage movie – 0:59

My opinion on Kpop – 2:40

Kpop industry – 5:16

1D vs BTS – 6:47

Korean culture – 7:18

There you have it folks!

Here’s the link to my Kpop Spotify playlist: https://spoti.fi/2DVNRIP







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