Reaction + Predictions on Vikings Season 5B

Spoiler Alert!

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this episode, so of course it’ll be filled with spoilers.

Season 5b starts with Ivar coming home to Kattegat announcing that he is king. Meanwhile Lagertha is hiding and Floki is still…well the same place we last saw him.

1.  King Ivar


What surprises me is that Ivar is a little kid to people like Lagertha and Rollo. Yet, he holds so much power and people are seriously scared of him. I don’t blame them, obviously.

Except his conversation with the blonde girl, Freydis, nothing much happens to him. I’m pretty sure this girl has something up her sleeve. Either she really loves Ivar or she really hates him and will try to kill him. Only time will tell.


Predictions for Ivar:

  • I think he will continue to get worse. Depends on what happens with Freydis I think he can become even more ruthless or stay the same.
  • Finally, I’m pretty sure King Alfred and his army will be a good match against him. Can’t wait to see how all that plays out.


2. Floki 


Not sure what to think of Floki. He didn’t have much of a good storyline the first half of season 5. His story isn’t connected with any of the other characters and that kinda bothers me.

Predictions for Floki:

  • Many people assume Floki will die. But I think the creators have something in store for him. Why else would they show us his journey to this land and the people he’s with?
  • I really hope they connect his storyline with the rest of the characters. It would be fun seeing him with Ivar again. Especially after everything that has happened.


3. King Alfred 


I have a feeling he might be Ivar’s match. After all in history he is “Alfred the Great”…they wouldn’t call him great for nothing.

His mother scares me. I don’t know what she has in mind. Lowkey, I’m concerned who she might pick to be his bride. His brother on the other hand, Aethelred, clearly isn’t too happy that he has to take orders from his brother.


Predictions for Alfred:

  • I sense conflict brewing with his brother. Which I think could be a huge obstacle for Alfred. Heck what if Aethelred actually sides with Ivar?
  • But I think there will be an alliance between Alfred and Lagertha, I mean c’mon, there has to be.
  • I’m pretty sure Alfred will be a strong force, it may not look like it now, but give it some time.


5. Lagertha 


She lost against Ivar, she’s tired and she has white hair. But at least she still looks young. It’s clear Lagertha, however her ending will be, it will be epic.

But for now she is a prisoner in England. Of all places. I feel really sorry for her. Can she really trust Bishop Haehmund?


Predictions for Lagertha:

  • She’s probably gonna go through hell in England, but she’ll come out alive. Like I mentioned earlier, there will be an alliance with Alfred.
  • But, I think something will happen and we won’t see Lagertha for most of the season since Katheryn Winnick is directing a few episodes.
  • I refuse to believe Lagertha will die (at least not without a good fight).
  • This season can end two ways – either Lagertha defeats Ivar and she gets Kattegat back…or die trying.


6. Bjorn 


I’ve always been a fan of Alexander Ludwig, especially his performance in Vikings. I feel like each season he just gets better and better.

When Rollo told Bjorn that he was his father, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. It’s clear Bjorn doesn’t want to waste time figuring out who his biological father is. He chooses Ragnar as his father either way. Which it makes sense, since the mannerisms and looks are identical.

I’ve read so many fan theories on how Rollo is or isn’t the father. But just like Bjorn, I wouldn’t waste my time thinking about it.


Predictions for Bjorn:

  • I honestly have no idea what might happen to Bjorn in the season. This season revolves around Lagertha and Ivar, I’m sure he’ll do anything to help his mother. But like I said, I don’t know what will happen to him.


This was only some of my predictions on a few of the characters. I can try to predict many things but in the end we all know this show will throw something unexpected at us. I’m looking forward to the twists and turns in this season.

And I hope Lagertha wins.