The 1975 A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Despite being called weird and experimental The 1975 has shattered the status quo when it comes to music. They steer clear from the typical pop tunes and conventional lyrics. Which is rare and a bit of a risk these days.

In “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” this album really emphasizes the times we are living in. In my opinion this album truly represents 2018 and what millennials face today.

So here’s the breakdown on what I thought on each song in the album:

The 1975

  • I love how they use the same song as the opening to each album. Even though the arrangements are different. I love hearing that consistency in lyrics.



Give Yourself A Try

  • Catchy toon but it’s taking me a while to really like it. One thing I want to point out is that music is very subjective. So, just because I may not like a song doesn’t mean it’s horrible or not worth listening to. You might love a song that I don’t and that’s perfectly fine, as a matter of fact that’s awesome.




  • Within the first 5 seconds of listening to this song I was obsessed with it. This is one of my favorite songs from the album (and probably one of my most played songs of the year for me).  It’s a very catchy, upbeat song that’ll guarantee to put anyone (or at least most people) in a good mood.



How To Draw/ Petrichor

  • The first couple of seconds, the little melody reminds me of Sleeping At Last (the band/artist) and I LOVE IT. Anytime The 1975 has a lengthy instrumental part in their songs it’s absolutely beautiful. The first half of Menswear is one of my favorites. So I was very happy to hear this track. Absolutely beautiful.



Love It If We Made It

  • I know a lot of people love this track. But it didn’t grab me like the previous songs I’ve mentioned.


Be My Mistake

  • A nice slow and simple song. Not my top favorite but it’s still a nice listen.


Sincerity is Scary

  • I really enjoyed this song, it’s one of my favorites. The lyrics and the whole sound is very chill and I love it. Not to mention the music video is good, love the dancing in it.


I Like America & America Likes Me

  • A very unique song. I know Matty wanted to use autotune because it resembles the early days of SoundCloud in the U.S. I thought this song was okay, kinda catchy but it takes some time to get used to it.


The Man Who Married A Robot / Love Theme

  • This song reminds me of the movie “Her”. I think this song would’ve fit perfectly in the film. Hands down, this is one of the most unique songs in the album since the voice is made to sound like a robot. This song is a perfect reminder how people are addicted to the internet these days, which is scary, and also how normal it is.



Inside Your Mind

  • Another slow song like, Be My Mistake, except this is about him wanting to know what his girl is thinking. Not one of my favorites but still a nice song to listen to.


It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)

  • This, to me, sounds like a classic The 1975 song. The whole song is catchy and fun. When I found out what the lyrics meant, like most of the songs from The 1975, I was surprised. But nonetheless it’s a very addicting song and one of my favorites.



Surrounded By Heads and Bodies

  • A slow song about a woman who was in rehab with Matty. I think it’s very thoughtful how he uses his experiences and the people he knows to tell different stories. When it comes to honesty, The 1975 doesn’t shy away from it. They express their struggles and even the struggles of others, and that’s something that I admire about this band.



  • Love the slow jazzy aspect to this song. This is a beautiful love song and definitely one of my favs.



I Couldn’t Be More In Love

  • Now this is my top favorite slow song from this album. What do you do after a breakup but you still have feelings for that person? Yup, this song expresses that. Love Matty’s raw vocals and the piano melody in this song.


I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)

  • Not one of my favorites. It just feels a bit dark for me. In case you haven’t noticed I’m into upbeat, sweet, happy songs. But I know many people, especially young people probably love and resonate with this song. Like I’ve said before, just because I don’t like a particular song doesn’t mean it’s a horrible song. Everyone relates and enjoys different things and that’s what makes us humans.


I’m proud that this band doesn’t shy away from heavy topics and issues society faces today. They ask the tough questions and share their deepest troubles. Whether someone is a fan of The 1975 or not, I’m sure there’s at least one song in this album they can love.

Just like their previous albums, I didn’t love every single song (I think it’s very rare to love all the songs in any album), but there are some winning tunes for me and I’m sure you’ll find some you’ll enjoy too.

Congrats George and Matty for putting together this wonderful album.