ATEEZ Treasure EP.2: Zero to One

Honestly, it baffles me how this band debuted only in October 2018. Yet, they perform as if they’ve debuted years ago.

With a powerful debut of “Pirate King”, could Ateez’s comeback be just as good?

So without any delay here’s my review on Ateez’s sequel album: Treasure Ep. 2: Zero to One.

Hala Hala:

This song, to me, is a powerhouse anthem (FYI I’ll be using that word often in this post). From the moment I saw the short performance video I was HOOKED.

The whole bandits theme, the choreography, the simplicity of the plain white setting with the movements of the camera – just made everything perfect.

*I hardly use the word perfect so…this is really saying something.

So far in the month of January Hala Hala is my top fav video (concept song and all).

The strong vocals, rap, the beat drop…not to mention the lyrics all mix into an irresistible song.

If there is one video I recommend you watch (for the month of January) it’s this one.


Say My Name:

The first verse didn’t hook me (at first). But since this is an Ateez song (and their title track) I waited for the chorus, which is usually the best part in any Ateez song.

Surely enough I was not disappointed. The strong build up in the pre-chorus is glorious with those harmonies and of course the chorus delivered exactly what the song was leading up to.

After the bridge, when it explodes with the band singing the lyrics, Say My Name, feels like an anthem.

Also the music video ties in with “Hala Hala” with the bandits theme (love that). The choreography and the neutral toned outfits really play well with the overall feel of the song. But my goodness, these guys kill it when it comes to choreography. I haven’t seen a choreography from them that I don’t love.

Recently the band stated that Say My Name is a prequel to “Treasure”, which I thought that was a great tie-in.



This song gives us a small break from the first two powerhouse songs. Desire reminded me so much of Charlie Puth’s music, mostly because of the smooth mid-tempo and the high pitched vocals, especially in the chorus. This song is groovy and it’s a nice change in the album.


Every album needs at least one ballad-type song and this is it. It has a chill groove and really showcases the flawless vocals in Ateez. The message to this song is really sweet. When the guys sang this live their vocals were just as strong as in the album. Light is a perfect example that shows Ateez’s softer side.


Ah, now this song is a perfect way to end this album. Promise engulfs us with a killer chorus and a jam-worthy tropical/pop/hip-hop beat. This song is literally a bop. Ateez couldn’t leave without showcasing their signature powerhouse sound once again, and I’m glad this song closes the mini album.

Ultimately Treasure Ep. 2: Zero to One, is a perfect continuation of their first mini album. I was not disappointed and they met (and went above) my expectations.

No doubt Ateez has the potential to make a mark on the industry but only time will tell.

I expect great things from Ateez in the future and hope they continue with these incredible concepts and songs.

P.S. Here’s my reaction to “Say My Name”