Astro All Light Album

When I think of bands with beautiful love songs with equally beautiful concepts Astro is on that list.

They released their first full length album and also won their first music award for “All Night”! So, with that being said, here’s my review of their album.

Starry Night

The first song is a pop/dance tune. Not bad for being the first song in an album. I think it perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the songs.

All Night

The beginning of this song made me think it was going to be a slow, soft, love song. Which it basically is. Until the chorus. It builds up to a delicious explosion of harmonies and a catchy beat. This song got stuck in my head for a good while.

The concept for the album is light colors and the music video really reflected that. The members are styled with pastel hair and light clothing, whilst they are in a large greenhouse. Overall the song and the mv are breathtaking and beautiful.

Also check out my reaction to the music vid ;D


I had a hard time finding words for this song. Not sure why. It’s catchy and quite groovy, especially the chorus with the auto-tuned part when they sing, moonwalk. This song is energetic with a fun, pop beat. It’s enjoyable and I fairly liked it. But “All Night” is still my preferred song.


Ok, now here’s where Astro starts to pull on my heartstrings and makes me want to soar. This song is absolutely beautiful. The harmonies, the melody, the overall song is so sweet and I absolutely love it. Of course, my favorite part is the chorus. With all the voices coming together…this song is a treasure. It’s my second fav song in the album (“All Night” being first).

Role Play

The guitar in the beginning reminded me of a Spanish-type song. From beginning to end I enjoyed the guitar and the bass in the chorus. The vocals are very smooth, almost like a serenade.

1 In A Million

The sweet-pop sounds from Astro is prominent in this song. The chorus is catchy, bright and fun. The vocals come together nicely and makes this song very easy on the ears. I can definitely see this song as part of a summer playlist.

Love Wheel

Leave it to Astro to gift us with another sweet love song. The voices are soft which makes the song sound almost like a lullaby. The voices and the melody blend so perfectly. If I had to use one word to describe this song it would be – soothing.

Heart Brew Love

Now onto a more upbeat song. I love the little nod to coffee. As a coffee lover how can I not point that out? Just like “1 In A Million” this song gives us that bright, fun, energy.


The message of the song feels like an ode to young love, it’s very cute. But the thing that really made me love this song is the repetitive chorus. It’s catchy and I can’t get this song out of my head.


The instrumental part in the beginning reminded me of a Disney song. Within the first few seconds I was already in love with Bloom, even before I heard any of the vocals. The first verse almost sounds like a whisper, which adds to the beauty of this song.

Prior to reading what the song is actually about, I fully thought this was a love song. But it is actually about a love that’s fading away. Crazy how the meaning in a song can change the whole feel of it – from romantic to bitter-sweet but still beautiful.

Anyway, this song is my third favorite track off the album (it was a close tie with “Treasure”).

The concept of this album was everything light with pastel colors. I think the songs definitely reflected this. Or should I say the concept reflected the songs.

Overall this was a beautiful album. Congrats to Astro for releasing their first full length album. It carried everything we love and know from Astro. From the cute love songs with the cheerful beats to the beautiful melodies woven throughout the album.

Check out Astro’s All Light to add some happiness to your day.