Today is about the artist who is known for his smooth dance moves and alluring voice. It’s time to talk about Taemin’s new mini album, Want. I gotta say this album made me feel something I’ve never experienced before…keep reading along to know what I’m talking about.

First let’s talk about each song in order.


The title track to the album and as Taemin describes it, it is a ‘space groove’. A sexy song with an equally sexy music video. All the musical elements that make up Taemin’s iconic sound are evident in this track. Much like his previous song, “Move”. Sultry lyrics with his alluring, smooth voice. Not to mention the finger snaps…it’s Taemin, of course there’s gonna be finger snaps.

Artistic Groove

The first time hearing this song I knew I had to watch a performance version. I’ve realized there are certain songs that aren’t complete unless you watch the corresponding dance with it. After watching Taemin perform this song I was able to appreciate it more and yes…there are finger snaps in this song. One can never have too many finger snaps.


I like the slight change of mood with this song. The chorus is what gets me. The strings and overall the full sound of an orchestra blend together so beautifully that it gives a slight haunting effect. Which it goes perfectly with the theme of the song. This is definitely another song I need to see a performance of.


In a recent video Taemin explained how the word, love, is used so much. Instead of using the word love he expresses it through emotion and truth. I really like the message of this song. The lyrics talk about the simplicity of just telling the person your truth without using fancy words. Overall it’s a beautiful song.

Never Forever

I love the acoustic guitar in this track. The chords are carried throughout the song and it gives it a timeless feel. Even though the song is about never being together forever…the way Taemin sings it makes it sound like a love song rather than a “we’re drifting away” type of song. Very captivating and one of my favs.


This song, right here, is my favorite.

Monologue is the anchor of the album, in my opinion. The first time listening to it, I didn’t know why but I felt a wave of sadness. I didn’t know what the song was about, I hadn’t read/translated the lyrics yet.

I just felt like crying. Which has never happened to me while listening to a song I don’t even know what it’s about. It was weird.

After listening to the song I quickly searched up the lyrics. Surly enough my emotions were not betraying me. I believe the song is written about Jonghyun. A beloved member from SHINee who passed away in 2017.

I am surprised and very pleased SM allowed Taemin to release this song. It’s beautiful, it’s sad, but most importantly it’s honest. I think a lot of fans needed this song.

It slightly bothers me how Taemin hasn’t spoken much about this song in particular. Fans, like me, are speculating this song is about Jonghyun, it seems pretty obvious. I’m sure the company won’t allow him to either confirm (or deny) if the song is actually about Jonghyun.

Want ~Outro~

The last song on this mini album is mostly instrumental and it sounds like a film score. It is a good way to ease listeners and transition us out of the emotionally heavy song of “Monologue”. I’m really happy this song was placed last. I know there will be a continuation of Taemin’s music and I look forward to it.

Overall the album was good but “Monologue” (to me) is what made this album go from good to great. Good job Taemin and his team for creating such a masterpiece.

I’ll be listening to Monologue all day now…thank you.