Aladdin Trailer…Why Will Smith??

So I finally watched the trailer for the live action movie for Aladdin. If you haven’t seen it watch the trailer here:

Now that we are all on the same page let’s talk about the biggest issue. Genie. I was expecting Genie to look (or at least be styled) like Disney’s broadway version of Genie. Like the picture below.


Not to mention I think James Monroe Iglehart played the perfect Genie (besides Robin Williams, of course). He gave Genie a modern twist yet kept all the elements that make the Genie…Genie.

Besides the awkward blue skin and elf-like ears all I could see was…Will Smith.


That’s the issue when casting A-list celebrities in movies. Most of the time we just see the celebrity playing a character. But you know when the acting is good when you COMPLETELY forget the celebrity and focus on the character they play.

Anyway, that was one of the things I was afraid of when they announced Will Smith as the Genie. That I would see Will Smith…and not the Genie. These are just my thoughts solely based on the trailer.

My opinion might change after I watch the movie. So I’ll still be going with a hopeful, open mind.

Now on to Aladdin and Jasmine:

Honestly, I really like the actor/actress they casted to play these iconic roles. They look the part. Naomi Scott as Jasmine and Mena Massound as Aladdin. I wrote a blog post back when Disney was searching for the actor who would be cast as Aladdin, you can read it here. But I need to see the movie before I can completely say that they portrayed Aladdin and Jasmine right.


Everything else…

I’m impressed so far by the settings, from the desert to the streets of Agrabah. It looks very true to the animated movie.

I expected Jafar’s voice to be slightly deeper, but again I have to watch the movie before coming up with any final thoughts.

So far, Disney hasn’t let me down with a live-action movie (except for Maleficent but I don’t think it’s worth my time talking about it).

I look forward to Aladdin and hopefully Will Smith will be able to portray Genie, and not Will Smith dressed up as Genie.

Aladdin will be in theaters May 24th, let’s hope this will be a good movie.






*None of the images of Aladdin shown on this post are mine.