ONF We Must Love Mini Album

There’s always several bands that you question how are they so underrated? ONF is one of those bands. I recently discovered them and after watching several of their mvs and performance videos, I am astounded they aren’t being talked about.

Anyway now on to the mini album review.

We Must Love

The title track to this album, it’s catchy and has a very fun vibe to it with a memorable chorus. But I have to say the music video is very interesting. I watched it several times now and I keep trying to come up with theories. It takes place in a dystopian future, or in a virtual reality, either or it’s very cool. This music video was well made, the visuals, the choreography, overall it was stunning to watch.

Here’s my reaction, I was definitely lost for words. I was trying to understand everything I was seeing. But despite my confused expression, I promise you I really love this mv.

Ice & Fire

This song is smooth with clear vocals, especially in the chorus. It has a type of sophisticated, mature sound, which I really enjoy. It’s one of my favorite tracks on this album.


The violin in the beginning gives the song a unique start that stands out from the rest. I love when the violin comes back for the chorus along with the guitar, both instruments sound beautiful. I really enjoy the lyrics, which I believe plenty of people should pay attention to. Most of us make a big deal of things and keep our feelings bottled in, ONF tells their listeners to let it out and not to worry cause basically it’s not a big deal. Yes, this is also one of my favorite tracks.

Happily Never After

The harmonies are my favorite thing from this track. They are perfectly controlled and the voices flow so well in the song.

I Do

Honestly, this song sounds like something I would hear on the radio. It holds a very modern sound in the chorus. The bridge gave a nice change in the song. The lyrics are absolutely sweet. If anyone needs help with wedding vows, or heck even a wedding song…this could be it.

Overall this was a good mini album for ONF. It holds the same dance, groovy elements from their previous albums and fans are sure to enjoy it. I think ONF is slowly showing how they’re maturing in their music with the lyrics and the new mv. I would like to see ONF experiment a bit more with their sounds in the future.

Good job ONF and their team on this mini album and the mv.