(G) I-dle has been getting a lot of buzz lately especially after they released a collab song “Pop/Stars” for League of Legends.

I’ll admit if it wasn’t for that song I wouldn’t have gotten into (G) I-dle (a friend showed it to me).

This week the upcoming girl group released a mini album and today I’m gonna give my thoughts on each of the songs.


I like how they incorporated some Latin/Spanish flare in this song. I really love hearing the deep voice sing “Senorita” in the chorus. It’s a sexy, fun, fierce tune. Also, the music video didn’t disappoint. I absolutely loved all the girls’ attitude in this video and the concept was spectacular.

You know me, here’s my reaction. Yes, I say “They don’t care.” a billion times in this video, I apologize.

What’s Your Name

This is an upbeat jam with a killer beat drop in the chorus. Can’t help but jam out to it. It has a bit of a hip-hop vibe with dance-pop sound.

Put it Straight

This is a softer song but it doesn’t lose the strength (G) I-dle carries in their music. The vocals are showcased very well (honestly though, their vocals are showcased well in all their songs). I think this song could’ve easily been made to sound cute and bubbly. But I like how they kept it sounding a bit dark with the base and minimal use of drums. Especially in the parts of the song that it’s just the voice and piano.

Give Me Your

Contrary to the previous song, this one is brighter with a slow, steady beat. The vocals aren’t as hard-hitting but they still sound sweet. I like the staccato beat in the piano accompanying the girls’ voices. I think it gives it an ‘old-time’ feel.

Blow Your Mind

Another bright song except this time it’s upbeat. The handclaps, snaps and catchy chorus flow together to create a fun, uplifting song. I think it’s a good way to end the mini album.

Overall, just like in their previous mini album, listeners hear the versatility in the girls’ music through each song. This mini album provides the hard, hip-hop jams we enjoy mixed along with softer songs.

Congrats (G) I-dle and their team on this album and the superb music video.