It’s 2019 and it seems SF9 still hasn’t had their “big break”. Despite having some hits they still struggle to breakout of that “one-hit-wonder” curse.

This band has some incredible songs and I’m surprised they haven’t won a music show award yet.

With their recent mini album, “Narcissus”. I was curious if this would finally be the time SF9 will get their big break.

Here’s my review on each of the songs on their mini album.


The title track gives us a steady groove with a reggae like sound. It has some auto-tune. Even though some people argue saying it doesn’t mix with the song. I think the auto-tune wasn’t over done. Although, I would prefer SF9 to showcase their vocals, I still think it worked fine with this song. I really enjoyed the groove and I thought the choreography was perfectly suited to the guys and this song.


Play Hard

This song is upbeat and lively. A catchy saxophone carries out throughout the chorus, which makes this a bop. The guys sound like they’re having fun which makes the chorus even stronger (in my opinion). I think this could’ve been a great title track, just because how fun this song is. I can’t help but feel excited and happy listening to it. Definitely a party/summer jam. I absolutely love it.


I thought one of the strong parts of this track is when the group sings in the pre-bridge, “I can feel your heartbeat.” It’s a sweet song that could belong in a soundtrack to a rom-com.

Life is So Beautiful

If I thought “Play Hard” was my top favorite track, that’s because I hadn’t listened to this one yet. Life Is So Beautiful is tied as my #1 favorite track. It’s fun, uplifting with a great beat drop and you can’t help but literally sing, “Life Is So Beautiful”. Along with “Play Hard”, I think this could’ve also been a great contender for being the title track too.

Fall in Love

Now, it’s time to take it slow with some R&B vibes. This song sounds bitter-sweet. The melody played in the piano with the vocals brings everything together to create this beautiful song.

The Beat Goes On

This song has some synth keyboard with a steady beat. The chorus is light and it just sounds overall good. It’s the perfect way to close this mini album.


Overall just like with the other SF9 albums, this mini album has some songs that are just fantastic, while others might be easily overlooked and requires multiple listens before really getting into it.

The more I study the Kpop industry the more I understand how difficult it is to really stand out. There’s constantly new music every week. After watching some of SF9’s live performance for their comeback I’m afraid they might be overlooked…again.

The guys are incredible when it comes to singing, rapping and dancing. Their songs are good. But if they want to have their “break out” moment, they’ll have to analyze what their fans love and what they overlook when it comes to their music and concepts.

With an album titled “Narcissus”, there are a billion different concept ideas that I think they could’ve explored. But I hope SF9 will experiment a little bit more in the future and hopefully get their “big break”.

Until then, I’ll continue listening to SF9 and support this group.