This is the sub-unit we didn’t think we needed…but we needed it. Yugyeom and JB really out did themselves for this mini album.

Jus2 themed this album around the senses which I thought it was unique.

Each song carries a similar vibe. It’s mood music, it’s ambient. Honestly, this album is perfect to play if you’re walking through a modern art museum. Or if you’re cruising through a city at night. Or if you’re in some swanky rooftop restaurant drinking some wine.

Am I being a bit too descriptive? Let’s just get on with the review, before I write a whole book.

Focus On Me

Starting with this title track, all the songs on this album carry a similar sound (like I said earlier). It’s cohesive and it just ties everything together.

The title track sets the mood. It’s a smooth r&b song. The music video is visually stunning. The art concept for this album is so perfect in my opinion.

Like always…here’s my reaction to the music vid.

Drunk On You

This song is so chill. It’s sexy and catchy. JB and Yugyeom really draw the listener into the song, as if this song is some sort of secret.


The melody in the chorus is beautiful. JB and Yugyeom’s voice work so well together (I can’t talk enough about their voices). Their vocals are clear and smooth. The bridge when JB and Yugyeom go back and forth in the verses is fantastic. Not to mention the part when JB holds the long note while Yugyeom sings the chorus…honestly, this is a solid song. It’s calming yet addictive.


This song is trance-like. The voices are almost like a whisper. This is definitely the song you’ll play when driving around the city at night.

Love Talk

The beat picks up in this track. It’s a perfect continuation to “Senses”. It carries the similar elements from the previous songs.

Long Black

Now things slow down to a sexy R&B sound. Once again the guys draw the listeners keeping us attached to every word they sing.

JUS2 really impressed me. JB and Yugyeom really shed away their Kpop roots to showcase a different more mature sound. I was glad to find out the guys were also heavily involved in the production of this album.

I like to think JYP is allowing his artists more freedom in their music and concepts. This mini album was a treat and it only proves how strong Yugyeom and JB are as artists.

Good job everyone involved in this project, it was wonderful.