Kpop music reaction

NCT 127 Wakey-Wakey

Here’s my reaction to NCT 127 Wakey-Wakey. Scroll down to read everything I have to say about this song.

Many people say 2019 is the year that will either make or break NCT. With the release of Wakey-Wakey, their new Japanese track, they’re proving to the world this is their year.

The song is catchy with its repetitive chorus and a killer beat drop. This song is at the level of Boss, Black on Black and Cherry Bomb (some of their other hits).

In the music video all the guys were great but one member in particular who stood out to me was definitely Jaehyun. The scenes where he was under the piece of artwork and how he sang to the camera…he literally looked like a king. He wasn’t overshadowed by any of the other members and I think in this mv he was able to really own his scenes.

Another member who obviously stood out was Johnny, with that long black hair. Thank goodness it was only for the mv.

If the rest of NCT 127’s Japanese album is anything like this song, then we’re in for a treat. Can’t wait to hear it.





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