Avengers Endgame Proves Marvel is the Hero of All Superhero Franchises

Closing a successful movie franchise sounds more of a myth these days. How could a movie close years worth of stories, all while pleasing diehard fans?

It’s clear each person involved in the making of Avengers Endgame took great care in delivering a movie that could potentially make history.

What’s one of the secrets to Marvel’s success? The people. The Russo brothers took each story with great passion and care. They instilled that same passion on set which ultimately is seen onscreen.

With each dialogue, scene, camera work, action – everything in a Marvel movie is meticulously planned.

In the end of Infinity War, audiences were baffled. No one was certain how the final movie of the series would end. After a year full of countless theories, questions, re-watching the films, fans were finally given all the answers they needed in a 3-hour finale.

The secret is in the details. Each character in the MCU is carefully crafted. Each person has a backstory and their stories are all tied together. Those details brought this massive franchise together.

Perhaps other movie franchises could learn a thing or two about Marvel?

Have a clear goal. Have everyone (cast, crew, directors, producers, the studio) on the same page. Work towards that goal.

Marvel has mastered the art of storytelling. They are indeed the superheroes of a successful movie franchise.

Hopefully other studios will learn and work hard to deliver something worthy of people’s time.