While April was filled with beautiful ballads, May has given us an early start to Summer and I’m all for it!

Here’s my list for top favorite Kpop comebacks/ debuts for May 2019.

Top 3 Favorite Debuts:


This band has finally, officially debuted under RBW. This group is filled with talented musicians and composers. From their soft title track “Reminisce about All” to their catchy rock song, “Ring on my Ears” there’s no secret these guys are on the top of my list.


Two guys are former Wanna One members while the other two are a duo MXM. It’s safe to say the public was very eager for this group’s full debut. Their title track Breathe shows the precision these guys have in music and dance. In their mini album it showcases their powerful sound with songs like “Hollywood” and “Absolute”.

We in the Zone

Prior to their debut this group released several songs that caught listener’s attention. With a catchy pop dance song like “Bet On Me” they established their sound and officially released their mini album. Their title track “Let’s Get Loud” is a fun song that reminds me summer is around the corner.

Top 3 Favorite Title Tracks:


Every month I have a hard time choosing my favorite title track, but “AH YEAH” takes the prize for May. As soon as I heard the guitar in the beginning I knew this song was something special. What I love the most about this song; despite the fun, upbeat sound, it’s actually a breakup song. But it’s a happy breakup song. I thought that was a fun twist. I often catch myself listening to this song almost everyday. It just puts me in a good mood. But in all honesty, all the songs on their ep are equally fantastic.


This was tied for first. In my mind “AH YEAH” and “SUPERHUMAN” are equals. But for the sake of this list, I had to pick a favorite. Anyway, from the insanely perfect, awesome, jaw-dropping music video to the groovy, powerhouse of a song, SUPERHUMAN embodies everything NCT is. It’s out of this world and almost unexplainable because of how good it is. Also I need to point out, yes, their album is filled with incredible songs like “Highway to Heaven” and “Paper Planes”.


Many people seem to ignore A.C.E. (it doesn’t help their discography is kinda small). But with their latest comeback with UNDER COVER, they practically punched everyone with their insane music video and song. From the hard choreography to the unique visuals and outfits, UNDER COVER has finally put A.C.E. on the map. As someone who was a fan of them (before this comeback) I’m glad people are starting to realize how incredible these guys are. In their album they also have songs worth checking out such as “Do It Like Me”.

Top 3 Favorite Non-Title Tracks:

IDEA – Kim Dong Han

Yes, his title track “FOCUS” was great but “IDEA” was the song that was stuck in my head. As the first comeback in May, Kim Dong Han was the perfect kickstarter to the month. I should mention he writes his songs AND choreographs too.

BingBing – ONEUS

As the first group I watched debut, I was very eager for ONEUS first comeback. Their song and music video for Twilight was breathtaking. But their song BingBing is a hidden gem in their ep. I wanted to feature this song here, because I think people should definitely check it out.

NO WAY – Lee Hi (ft. G.Soul)

Honestly Lee Hi’s vocals are enough to win her best vocalist of the year. But her voice and G.Soul’s voice together, in one song is simply a masterpiece.

Need a song for a certain scenario? I got you covered:

Feel like running away?

Runaway – Eric Nam

What can I say, this guy has it all – the voice, the song, the talent, a podcast. When this song was released I replayed it so many times I lost count.

Sobbing in the rain after a breakup?

Hello – IZ

This group is vastly underrated but very talented. Their song “Hello” and their title track “Eden” have incredible lyrics. Both songs are composed beautifully with each instrument weaving together to create a great sound and Ji Hoo’s vocals are astounding.

Song to blast in the car?


The chorus of this song has a bass drop that will sure make your car shake. These girls embody empowerment and this song is too good not to be blasted in the car.

Need a song for the weekend?


Of course all the songs in GOT7 latest album are great. But this song will definitely put you in a good mood. It’s upbeat and the catchy chorus will have you jamming to this track all weekend (and most likely the rest of the week too).

There are so many groups and artists/idols that released incredible music that I wish I can share them all here. But I tried to only showcase my top picks.

But you can see ALL the songs I recommend from this month’s KPOP releases in my May playlist HERE.

Thanks for reading!