GOT7 Doesn’t Sugarcoat Their Fears in Their Album “Spinning Top”

GOT7 is back, vulnerable and more honest than ever.

In GOT7’s latest album “Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity”, all the members participated in writing and composing the songs. In this album it’s clear GOT7 is telling their story, and no one else’s.

The opening track doesn’t hesitate in setting up the theme and story of this album. In this song the group expresses how they feel like a spinning top and they’re one degree from collapsing. That one degree could change everything. They’re afraid how easily things can go wrong. This song has similar elements to “Focus on Me” from GOT7’s subunit JUS2 (with Yugyeom and JB). I enjoyed hearing the similarity in this song. Maybe it’s because Yugyeom helped write this track.


The title track on the album, Eclipse continues the story established in the first song. I should mention JB and JYP (yes the owner of JYP Entertainment) helped write this track. The guys talk about how the darkness is starting to flood into their heart. They’re desperately trying to get away from this darkness before it swallows them completely. The music video perfectly shows each member with their own fight and struggles (metaphorically).

Also PLEASE check out their dance practice – if you love great choreography…this is an absolute treat:

The End

Jinyoung helped write this track. He has mentioned before that he gets anxious when he thinks about the end of GOT7. At first I thought this song was about a breakup with a girl. But after learning what inspired Jinyoung, the lyrics have a whole new, deeper meaning. In the lyrics the group talks about their regrets, memories and how they are nearing the end. Even though the tempo in this song is somewhat upbeat the group’s voices sound slightly sad and it really carries the message of the song. I would like to point out, GOT7 has no plans on disbanding or anything…just wanted to make that clear.

Time Out

Now this is Youngjae’s song. Time Out steps away from the themes of the previous songs. This song is a bit of an interlude. It’s about taking a break from everything and to put your worries aside. It’s an uplifting song. They explain how things aren’t easily earned and when things don’t work out it’s ok to take a break. Yugyeom and Youngjae’s voices really stand out. I think both of them really owned this song and it’s a great transition in this album.


I didn’t even have to guess to know BamBam helped write this song. It has a great hip hop sound to it. Yes, the rap line really shines. On this track the guys are telling a girl to fall in love with them, believe, and trust them despite their imperfections. I like to think this is the redeeming song of the album. The guys come to terms that they’re not perfect but they are still worthy of being loved.


This last song on their album is the final hope. GOT7 talks about writing their love story. They don’t waver anymore because of the love they receive. This song is a complete contrast to the beginning of the album. The chorus is catchy, upbeat and it gives listeners a sense of happiness and hope. If you want a good song to blast on the weekends, this is it. By the way JB helped write this song.

This album is a perfect example of taking a listener on a journey. The first couple of songs are about fear and a sense of hopelessness. Then the songs go from regrets, to taking a break, to falling in love again.

I have to thank JYP for allowing his artists to have creative freedom in their music. From the sounds in each song to the lyrics, everything felt real and I think GOT7 poured their hearts into these songs.

Well done GOT7 and everyone involved in this album.

I keep saying this but I encourage more companies to allow their artists/idols to have more say in their music. Trust me, more people will connect to the songs.