SF9 Are Back With A Kickass MV and Album

Honestly, SF9 dominated June (and are dominating July). These guys are a power house. Here’s my review of their latest album:

1. RPM

When I hear someone say “Kpop isn’t as good as it used to be.” I roll my eyes and show them SF9’s RPM music video.

I may be new to Kpop but after watching old and new Kpop groups, there’s no doubt SF9 has that it factor.

Their mv for RPM is a perfect blend of Tron and futuristic laser-tag. I know I’m not doing the music video justice with my poor explanation. But please just watch it. This mv is officially one of my top favs of 2019.

The concept is well planned out, from the outfits, the sets, the editing, the choreography, everything worked so well with the song. I can’t express how much I truly love this comeback.

Here’s my mv reaction to RPM:

2. Round And Round

This song is tied with RPM as my favorite track from their album. When I first heard it, I couldn’t get enough of it. Round And Round is a fun song with a catchy beat and memorable lyrics. It’s a contrast to RPM but it gives listeners a good, bright, summer song.

Here’s my reaction to SF9 performing live:

3. Dreamer

I feel like this track picks up where RPM left off. It reminds me of a film score. I can picture this song playing in a movie with a high speed chase scene. This song is for dreamers and fighters, it’s very inspirational. It reminds listeners that no matter what they face they gotta shake it off and keep going (you’ll see this theme in one of the later songs).

4. Liar

Ok, now this song is beautiful. So far from what I read the message in this song means either: A relationship is falling apart so they prefer their lover to tell them lies and pretend everything is how it was. OR Their lover is a liar and they’re in love with that. Depends on where you read the lyrics. I’m waiting for an official translation of the song, so far I’ve read several different translations and it’s slightly confusing. I know even a direct translation could mean something different (metaphors, sayings, double meanings, etc.).

The voices in this mid-tempo track are great. SF9 has some strong vocalists (and rappers).

5. See U Tomorrow

Oh gosh, I love this song so much. See U Tomorrow continues the theme of Dreamer. It’s very empowering. It talks about difficult roads that we may face in life but we must keep going. If you’re going through a rough patch, listen to this song and read the lyrics. Seriously.

6. Echo

The final track on this mini album is a very sweet love song. The message is that no matter where the person they love is, they’ll always find them and protect them. I have a feeling this track will be a fan favorite.

SF9 delivered another great mini album. All the songs are fantastic. I really hope people will STOP ignoring them and help them get their first win on a music show. These guys definitely deserve it. They pour themselves into their music and it really shows.

I look forward to more music from SF9. Until then, I’ll continue streaming this album and enjoy their performances.

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