Top 5 Favorite Kpop Comebacks from June 2019

Hey everyone, how’s summer treating you? Any Kpop concerts lately? Yes…no?

Well last month has certainly given us plenty of awesome music. But today I wanted to share with you all my top 5 comebacks for June…so here they are:

5. Muse – Leo

This month Leo has blessed us with his amazing vocals in his album. In his music video for Romanticism Leo really taps into his romantic, sexy side and ultimately it’s a beautiful video. One song from his album that stood out to me is called, the flower, with Maximilian Hecker. The melody played in the piano just melts your ears and Leo’s soft voice melts your heart. This song is a mix of a lullaby and a timeless love song. This song is just beauty and love embodied in the form of music. I can’t get enough of this track.

Leo and Maximilian wrote the lyrics to this song and Maximilian composed and arranged the song. Honestly, this is one of my top favorite ballad tracks of 2019 so far.

If you’re stressed, going through a tough time, close your eyes and listen to this track, I GUARANTEE you’ll feel better afterwards.

4. Clé 2: Yellow Wood – Stray Kids

Let’s give a round of applause to JYP for giving their artists creative freedom in their music.

Stray Kids are back with the continuation of their Clé series. You can read my review of Clé 1 HERE.

Their opening track, Road Not Taken, is an epic intro that prepares the listeners for a fun ride. The title track, Side Effects, for many people, is disorienting and chaotic. But in my opinion I didn’t find it disorienting one bit. I simply loved it.

Stray Kids are known for bending genres and experimenting with different sounds. Their lyrics aren’t the typical Kpop boy group lyrics either. They dive deeper in the meaning of fear, loss, dreams, etc. Which makes their music relatable. Also, I love the consistency with concepts in their albums. Good job to all the guys in Stray Kids, especially 3RACHA, these guys are the future. This entire mini album is gold, check out all the songs.

Here’s my reaction to their Side Effects mv:

3. TREASURE Ep. 3: One To All – ATEEZ

The monster rookies are back with a smash…or should I say splash? ATEEZ are the perfect example of how a rookie group should dominate the music scene in 2019 .

From their opening track to their closing track, every single song is incredible. Despite a contrast from their previous albums they continue with their Treasure themes. They released a fantasy, Peter Pan-like mv for Illusion and another mv for their youthful, realistic, summer-time vid for Wave. I love how both videos are tied together, Illusion is their dream and Wave is them waking up from that dream. There’s a lot of meaning behind these videos, but you guys can figure them out on your own.

Compared to their dark and epic comeback from earlier this year for Say My Name and Hala Hala, ATEEZ embody summer in this comeback. I have to say, I absolutely loved this contrast. It shows these guys can be epic and dark but also fun and bright without sacrificing the identity of the group.

Here’s my reaction to both mvs for Illusion and Wave:

2. Distance – Zelo

This was a solo debut I didn’t expect to love as much as I do. Since I am new to Kpop, I recently discovered B.A.P. but I’m still unfamiliar with the members. *Disclaimer when it comes to Kpop I discover the music first before even knowing members.

I accidentally stumbled upon Zelo’s mv for Questions, it was on my YouTube recommendations. I remember reading that Zelo was the rapper and macknae of B.A.P., that was the only information I had prior to watching his mv.

Anyway, not only does his mini album show off his vocals but also the different genres he can cover. As a producer, writer, composer, etc, Zelo really shows the world what he’s made of. I love how each song shows a different side to him. Questions, his title track, is a fun summer song. But you listen to IDC and it’s a great trap, rap track. Then there’s Flash, Party! which is an epic dance track. Not to mention Distance, Celebrity and Be Better are also incredible tracks. Bottomline, check out his EP, there’s a song in there for everyone. I’m extremely happy I discovered Zelo and I can’t wait to listen to more of his music.

Here’s my reaction to his Questions mv:

Also here’s my reaction to his performance vid for Flash, Party!

1. RPM – SF9

SF9 really slapped everyone in the face with RPM. The mv has made it on my list of top favorite music videos for 2019. The choreography is great and the song…everything works perfectly together. Even though I felt a lot of people brushed SF9 to the side when they had their comeback for, Enough, I think RPM is making people realize SF9 deserves recognition!

This mini album is absolutely wonderful. Check out my full review on their RPM album HERE, each song is seriously golden. That is why SF9 made it #1 on my favorite June comebacks.

Here’s my reaction vid to SF9’s RPM mv:

ALSO here’s my reaction to their live performances:

Of course there were so many talented artists and groups who had amazing comebacks in June. But these are the general songs and artists I find myself going back and listening to.

If you enjoyed reading this blog post, please feel free to share it with other Kpop loving friends. It would mean so much to me. Thank you for reading!


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