South Korean Band, The Rose, Is Carefree In Their New Song RED

South Korean indie rock band The Rose, released a new song this week that could be everyone’s new summer anthem. 

Their recent track called RED, is a fun trendy pop song. RED expresses the feelings you get when you are truly passionate and excited about something.

RED is a perfect song to play on a hot summer night in the beach, watching fireworks, and dancing around with your friends. 

Side Note: Personally, as soon as this song was released I couldn’t stop listening to it. No matter where I went I kept replaying this song.

The Rose also released an all English track called California. This is another song listeners can also play in their summer hangouts (especially if they live in California). 

In the music video for RED, Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong are all smiles. From jamming out on a rooftop to the beach, these guys perfectly embodied the song. In the climax of the video all the guys have fireworks which leads to the ending with explosions of color and sparks. Viewers who are fans of Harry Potter might be reminded of the scene when the Weasley twins set off fireworks in Hogwarts (at least that’s what I thought). 

Side Note: By the way international fans of The Rose, there’s GOOD NEWS! The band is going on tour this September and visiting several cities in the States. Make sure to check their tour dates, maybe they’ll be in a city near you.

Check out The Rose music video for RED and also check out my reaction too!

Listen to California and RED:



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