BOL4 Released the Most Relatable Music Video of the Year…So Far

The South Korean duo recently released a song titled, Workaholic. Members Jiyoung and Jiyoon express the mundane and unglamorous life of working a desk job.

In this video Jiyoung hates her job. She struggles waking up early, getting to work late, dealing with coworkers and bossy managers. Meanwhile Jiyoon portrays a coworker who is a bystander and witnesses Jiyoung’s struggles.

In all honesty, who hasn’t felt this way before?

The music video builds up to eventually Jiyoung (with some help from Jiyoon) actually destroying their workplace and just living their life. To those stuck at a boring job, this sounds like a dream come true.

The music video perfectly conveys the theme of the song, Workaholic. The lyrics express being sick of the same thing everyday, not being happy with it. But the chorus encourages listeners to just live a little and live your life.

Despite the simplicity of the plot, this video definitely stood out because it was outright relatable. Specifically to those of us who are stuck in a job all day. If someone would come up to me and ask how my life is going…I’ll simply show them BOL4’s Workaholic music video.

So what do you guys think of BOL4′ Workaholic mv? Do you relate to it?

Watch BOL4 Workaholic:

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