ONEUS Returns With Their Lively Track “Lit” But What About The Rest of Their Album?

Rookie group, Oneus, returns with their second comeback of the year. So far, Oneus has impressed audiences with their addicting debut song, Valkyrie, followed by their first comeback with the song Twilight.

But their latest comeback for their song, Lit, takes their performance and music to another level.

After an impressive and truly an incredible title track, I wondered if their album, Fly With Us, would follow along and be just as impressive.

Intro: Fly me to the moon

No this is not a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon”. Just wanted to clarify that. This intro track is a good start to the album. It’s calm and the double meaning in the lyrics work great. ‘To Moons’ is Oneus’ fanbase name. This song feels like a personal message to their fans.

Plastic Flower

So far, in every mini album from Oneus there’s always that one song with a repetitive lyric. Plastic Flower is definitely that song in this mini album. Although you don’t hear much of Leedo’s rap, his vocals are prominent. Plastic Flower is a sweet song with a nice message.


Lit is a burst of energy that infuses traditional Korean sounds with modern hip-hop. The music video is lively and it perfectly reflects the song. Oneus look like seasoned artists instead of a rookie group. From their facial expressions to sharp choreography, each member confidently stared at the camera making viewers completely fixed on them.

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Blue Sky

Blue Sky slows things down a bit. It doesn’t carry the same energy or sound from Lit. It’s a bit darker than the previous tracks in this mini album. The verse and bridge are good, the vocals are smooth and the high notes are exquisite. The instrumental hook in the chorus didn’t live up to it’s build up in the pre-chorus. But towards the end of the song, the group’s rappers, Ravn and Leedo rap full on. Oneus has very strong rappers and up until this point we hardly hear the full capacity of the group’s rappers. I’m glad we were able to hear them deliver some incredible rap lines in this song.

Level Up

The start of this track felt promising, it has a strong hip-hop vibe to it. Once again the verse and the pre-chorus are solid but the repetitive lyrics in the chorus didn’t quite stand out. It would be nice to see a choreography accompanied with this song, I think if this song is expressed in a visual format (either a choreography or a performance video) it could give listeners a different feel of it.

Stand By

The acoustic melody played in the guitar with the calm vocals are a nice change. The simplicity of it makes it stand out. Usually slower, ballad-like songs are often skipped in an album. However, Oneus, specifically Keonhee, Seoho, Hwanwoong, and Xion made this song memorable. Their harmonies and vocals were soothing. This was a nice track to close out the album.

Overall, with a strong title track like Lit, it would have been nice to hear the group release similar songs in the album that infuse traditional Korean sounds in them.

Despite some hiccups in the album I believe with each comeback we see Oneus grow and become stronger. I look forward to see their talents continue to fully blossom in their music.

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