Astro’s Passion is Like a “Blue Flame” in their New Mini Album

It’s been about 10 months since Astro graced us with their song “All Night” along with a beautiful, almost angelic-like music video. Now the six membered group is back with a darker sexier concept and music, showing growth and maturity musically and visually.

Their title track, “Blue Flame“, perfectly captures the vibe of this album – sexy and smooth. The music video is no exception, the guys are dressed in low-cut dark blue suits in front of a dark blue set, but midway it transitions into neutral colors bringing some light into the video. The choreography shows the sharpness and fluidity the members possess throughout the song. Overall, the video is stunning, a work of art that reflects the song very well.

The second track on their album “Go&Stop” continues the theme of passionate love that borders between love and hate. A lively track that is addicting and easy to dance to. Personally this is my favorite track from the whole album (it’s been on repeat all week).

The third track “All About You” is an upbeat, bright love song- the guys express how deeply they’ve fallen in love and the emotions that follow, hoping their lover won’t play with their emotions. It’s a sweet song that, once again, continues the passionate love theme in the album.

In their album showcase, Rocky explained how the members are trying to get more involved in music composition. Although they have been involved in choreographing some of their songs, they want to be more involved in their music. He spoke about how he wrote the fourth song, “Where the Wind Blows“. This song is dedicated to their fans (Aroha). Their last comeback was 10 months ago, it was still winter, the members express when the cold wind blows they are reminded of their fans. The high notes on this track are phenomenal and the mid-tempo beat keeps the track fun, and sweet.

The fifth and final track, “You’re My World“, is another song dedicated to the fans (but it can also be dedicated to a lover). In this track Astro once again confess their love and embrace listeners with heart warming lyrics that will make anyone melt. They thank them (their fans or lover) for loving them. This song can easily be on a wedding playlist. Their harmonies, the melody played in the piano, and overall the members’ voices are exquisite. This track can definitely thaw the coldest heart. This song is another one of my personal favorites.

In this comeback Astro has definitely showed their growth and maturity. They’ve been stemming away from the cute-boyish concepts and have grown into sexy young men (not sure if that’s the right phrase for it but I’ll leave that as is for now).

Congratulations Astro on a fantastic comeback, I look forward to watching this group mature and grow.


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