My Top Kpop Songs of May 2020

May has been a fantastic month for Kpop music releases. Each week there was an influx of amazing music. Out of all the months so far, May has been the hardest to pick only 5 songs.

Groups have shown us different concepts, new styles of music, and songs that either pull on our heartstrings or songs that make us want to dance.

My list is based on how many times I’ve replayed a song and overall songs that (when I look back) it’ll remind me of May specifically. Just because a group or artist isn’t listed here it DOES NOT mean I didn’t love the song. Trust me I want to put 60 songs on this list, but I made a promise to only list my top 5 each month.

So here we go.

5. ONEWE – End of Spring

Check out my reaction video to ONEWE “End of Spring” MV

It’s an appropriate title song for this season specifically. The upbeat fun vibe of this song is so good. ONEWE’s comeback with their full album was a year in the making and I’m so proud of this band. The music video was so fun to watch. Seeing their label mates ONEUS and friend Alexa in the mv was a treat. Overall this song should be added to your summer playlist. I also recommend listening to the rock version and acoustic version of this song, it is fantastic.

4. Yesung & Suran – Still Standing

Check out my reaction video to Yesung and Suran’s “Still Standing” MV

May has been a stressful month for many people, myself included. But I found myself listening to this song repeatedly several times a day. Yesung and Suran’s voices are so calming and they sound beautiful together. This collaboration was perfect. It’s a beautiful song (and slightly sad). Every time I listen to it I instantly relax and it gives me a chance to take a deep breath. Honestly, if anyone is feeling stressed out please listen to this.

3. DAY6 – Love Me or Leave Me

Although I didn’t pay much attention to DAY6’s title song “Zombie”, mostly because it is painfully relatable and I don’t like looking back at the times in my life when I felt hopeless and like a zombie…so I tend to skip over that song for that reason. However, I still listen to the rest of their amazing album. “Love Me or Leave Me” is a solid song. The drums and vocals are front and center in this track. I can’t wait for the day they’ll play this to a live audience. Everyone will be jumping to it. Trust me, the moment the chorus hits everyone will be on their feet jamming out. Other songs from their album that I really enjoy is “Day and Night”, “1 to 10”, and “Afraid”. DAY6 continues to show they are a top notch band with great music and deep meaningful (and very relatable) lyrics.

2. Baekhyun – Candy

Check out my reaction video to Baekhyun “Candy” MV.

The thing I love about Baekhyun’s album “Delight”, is it showcases his personality quite well. The title track “Candy” is addicting like…sugar. The catchy choreography, the cool music video, and the overall vibe of the song is great. I often catch myself repeating “Pop rocks, strawberry, bubblegum” multiple times a day. It’s really catchy. I’ll also say his other song “Poppin’” is one of my favorites too. I wrote a blog post on his album and I talk more about each song, you can read it HERE.

1.UNVS – Give You Up

Check out my reaction video to UNVS “Give You Up” MV.

I think this song will come as a surprise to many people. But this group has released quality music and music videos since their official debut in February. The first time I heard “Give You Up” I knew this song was going to be one of my favorites. I can’t really explain why, but this song just feels special. The vocals in this group is spectacular. UNVS is a hidden gem. Just like their song, there’s something special about this group too. I loved the concept behind the music video, all the guys did a great job. I can’t express how much I truly love this song and the other song they released as well – “Waterfall” which is a solo track from one of the members, Eunho. If you are unfamiliar with this group, I encourage you to check them out, here’s a link to UNVS YouTube channel.

You can check out all my favorite Kpop songs (that were released) in the month of May on my playlist HERE.

Well that’s all for today. Thanks for reading!


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