Okay, I know a few months ago I said I wasn’t listening to slow songs and only listened to upbeat positive songs (mostly to keep my mood up…which worked). But this month I caught myself listening to more slower songs. This just proves people’s listening habits can change like the weather and I’m glad Kpop provides an array of music for any emotion and season.

So this month’s honorable mentions are :

N.FLYING – Oh Really

The song is fun and upbeat even though the lyrics are quite bittersweet. The music video is a gem. I laughed while watching it and it still brings a smile to my face. I love this band and I think the members have a great friendship and it shows. If you’re feeling down this song will lift you up. Also their album is worth checking out too. I love it.

Super Junior K.R.Y.

I can’t really pick just one song from their album. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung are incredible vocalists and together their voices are heavenly. Their songs are on the softer side. Listening to K.R.Y. is like sipping a warm cup of tea. If you need a song to listen to on a rainy day or just need a soothing song to relax, any song from K.R.Y.’s album will work.

TWICE – Oxygen

Even though I love their title track More & More (and the music video too), their song Oxygen is my favorite. It’s upbeat and really catchy. I think it has a unique sound especially in the chorus. Not sure if people know about this song but if you get the chance, please check it out. Also their album as a whole is filled with great songs too, I love the tracks Firework, Make Me Go, Shadow, and Don’t Call Me Again.

IZ*ONE – Secret Story of the Swan

I really enjoy the heavy beat and the chorus. I think this is another hidden gem. The music video is a fantasy overload but it’s done right. It’s beautiful and whimsical. Another song from IZ*ONE I also enjoyed is Rococo, it has summer vibes all over it.

Sunmi – pporappippam

Of course I have to add Sunmi on this post. Her song pporappippam is a fun dance track. It’s also whimsical and dream-like. Her music video is full of aesthetics complete with fireworks. It’s definitely another summer jam.

Alright now on to my top 5 kpop songs of June 2020!

5. Seventeen – Left & Right

Check out my reaction video to Seventeen’s “Left & Right” MV

This song will remind me of summer 2020 for sure. It’s bright and so fun. The music video perfectly embodies the whole feel of the song. Also the choreography is so catchy. Another song I really enjoy from this comeback is Fearless which is a perfect continuation to their previous song Fear. The message is truly amazing. I also like Kidult. Of course I have to mention their song My My, it’s another track that puts me in a good mood and the music video is so fun too. I love seeing Seventeen together.

4. Stray Kids – God’s Menu

Check out my reaction video to Stray Kids “God’s Menu” MV

When it comes to powerhouse songs I always think of Stray Kids. I think God’s Menu is one of Stray Kids most clever songs. They compare making music to cooking. I think the metaphors used in the song was smart. Not to mention the music video and choreography is just as good. I also enjoyed all the songs on their album, yes, each and every single one. All the tracks are spot-on great.

3. Hwasa – LMM

Alright now it’s time to slow things down. Hwasa’s LMM left me speechless the first time I heard the song. It’s so beautiful. Hwasa’s vocals are probably one of the best in the world. Her emotions are easily heard throughout the song and it pulls the listener to feel what she feels. It’s very moving and it’s a masterpiece. This song is pure art. Of course I have to give a shout out to her title track Maria. The song has a great message and I love how that track mixes several music genres together. Overall her comeback was very well done from the music video to her album. Fantastic.

2. Bang Ye Dam – Wayo

Check out my reaction video to Bang Ye Dam’s “Wayo” MV

Bang Ye Dam is a young promising artist under YG who made his official solo debut with the song Wayo. Bang Ye Dam is also part of YG’s upcoming boy group Treasure. Wayo was written by the talented Seungyoon from Winner and Chanhyuk from AKMU. This is another song full of emotion. Bang Ye Dam pours his heart out on this track and the music video. His voice (just like Hwasa) is one of my favorites. He is a rising star and I believe he’ll take Kpop to the next level. Wayo is a beautiful sad song. I was blown away by how wonderful it is.

1. Pentagon – Basquiat

Check out my reaction video to Pentagon’s “Basquiat” MV

Not sure if this is an official comeback for Pentagon. But the song is definitely my number 1 favorite song from June. The passion behind the lyrics and performance is incredible. I’ve seen several of Pentagon’s performances but I don’t think they’ve gone as hard as they did in Basquiat. The song’s message is inspiring and like I mentioned in my previous post and videos this song is an anthem. I wrote a separate post about Pentagon’s Basquiat here.

June was a month filled with summer bops and emotional ballads. Everyday I usually listen to a mix of songs. Summer jams in the morning and slow songs in the afternoon and everything in between throughout the day. Despite the craziness that is going on in the world I’m always glad Kpop groups and artists continue providing great songs and content to uplift listeners around the world.

You can check out more of my favorite Kpop songs (that were released) in the month of June on my playlist HERE.


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