UP10TION Experience Love and Heartbreak in Their Mini Album ‘Light Up’

UP10TION has returned with their latest mini album called ‘Light Up’. Their last comeback was a little over a year ago for their mini album ‘The Moment of Illusion’. This time around UP10TION is promoting with 7 out of the 10 members. Wooseok and Jinhyuk (they participated in Produce X 101) have been working on solo projects. Their leader Jinhoo is currently on hiatus due to health issues. I wish Jinhoo health and happiness and I hope he recovers well.

Just like everyone else, I wish to see UP10TION with all ten members soon.

Anyway let’s talk about UP10TION’s brilliant new release ‘Light Up’!

Please keep in mind my interpretation of the meaning behind each track comes from very rough translations of the lyrics. My interpretation of each track may be incorrect. I’ve tried my best to do as much research for each track as I possibly could. If more information and accurate translations become available I will update this post (if needed).

Watch my reaction video to UP10TION’s “Light” MV here.

The title track “Light” starts off the album with fun, upbeat sounds. I mentioned this in my reaction video – I believe this song would fit perfectly with a radio ‘Top 40 Pop Songs’ list. It’s the type of song I can see almost everyone enjoying. It’s light (no pun intended) and easy to listen to.

In “Light” the members tell their lover who seems to have closed her heart to open her heart again and allow them to be the light that protects her.

The music video is full of aesthetics. There’s plenty of multi colored lights throughout the video. I never realized how many visuals UP10TION has. All the members looked stunning. The various outfits looked good on them, from the white outfits, to the black outfits, and especially those pastel suits. The choreography (from what I saw in the MV) is sexy and smooth. The members did an incredible job with this music video and song.

The next song is called “Destiny”. The overall theme in this track (from my interpretation) is the law of attraction. The song is bright and playful while the lyrics are quite sexy. I think Khun and Bit-to’s rap styles are exquisite. Their deep voices give a nice contrast to the other members’ vocals.

“Stop The Clock” continues the law of attraction theme. The members sing about being attracted to someone and that person is attracted to them too. They want to stop the clock so they won’t lose that moment. The song sounds a bit retro, it’s groovy and it has a nice vibe to it.

Their next track “Dawn” is somewhat ethereal. One of my favorite parts of the song is in the pre chorus when it’s just the guitar and the vocals. From my interpretation this song is about not wanting to let their lover go, they want to be with her. As I’m writing this I haven’t found any proper translations for this song, but I’ll continue looking for a solid translation so hopefully I can better explain the theme of this song. Yes, this is one of my favorite tracks.

The next song “Waiting For You” is a post breakup song. The members express how they still love their ex, no matter how many people they meet they still think of her. No matter what they do they still miss her and want her to go back to them. The song starts with a Spanish-like guitar intro. The song is softer than their previous tracks but it still has a nice smooth sound to it. The guitar melody throughout the song gives this track it’s own color. The vocals are soft and the members express the emotions of the lyrics well. I especially enjoyed Hwanhee’s part in the bridge.

The final track on their mini album is “Empty House”. This song conveys the feeling of emptiness after a breakup. The members express that the house feels empty and cold without their lover and they can’t seem to fill it. Just like the empty house they also feel empty inside. The song begins with a jazzy piano melody later accompanied by the members airy somber voices. Even Bit-to and Kuhn’s rap verses reflects the melancholy vibe of the song, their voices are softer almost like a whisper.

From my interpretation this album reflects the cycle of love and heartbreak.

The first three songs are primarily focused on the law of attraction – when two people are attracted to each other and their desire to be together. These songs express the vibrant feelings of love. This can be the most colorful stage of being in love. Everything seems brighter and real.

“Dawn” is the song in between. When someone is finally with their lover they don’t want to let them go, they want to be with them all the time.

The final two songs in the album is the conclusion of a relationship. “Waiting For You” seems to be a letter of hope for their lover to comeback despite the separation. “Empty House” is the realization that their lover is gone and they are dealing with the aftermath of the relationship. They feel empty inside and life doesn’t seem as bright as it used to be.

‘Light Up’ is an excellent album that showcases UP10TION’s vocalists and rappers. I wish UP10TION will be given the opportunity to release more music in the near future (along with Jinhoo, Wooseok, and Jinhyuk).

UP10TION is a talented group that deserves more recognition. I hope their company will use their resources wisely and properly promote them.

I wish UP10TION all the best during their promotions and their future activities.


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