Worth The Hype? SuperM’s Album ‘Super One’ Will Definitely Surprise Skeptics

I will start this post by saying SuperM’s album Super One went beyond my expectations. Without realizing I tend to be more skeptical of albums from popular groups. I’m always afraid the hype of the album (and group) never meets my expectations and usually I’ll be let down after listening to an album.

However with SuperM, the hype is definitely well deserved.

Super One could very well be one of the best albums of 2020. But I might be getting ahead of myself because there are plenty of incredible albums released this year. Plus we still have a few more months to go in 2020. Also, music is very subjective, so this is my personal opinion.

With all that being said let’s talk about Super One.

The album has songs in Korean and English and some songs are a blend of both languages. So if you have any friends who refuse to listen to Kpop because of the language barrier…there’s no excuse now.

The first track on the album is “One (Monster & Infinity)”. This is a mashup of two songs on their album, “Monster” and “Infinity”. They mix the lyrics and sound of both songs to create an epic starter to the album. Despite both songs being different (when you hear it separately), together it sounds like one solid song. When I first heard this track I didn’t realize it was the two separate tracks mashed into one song.

The music video doesn’t have a concrete storyline but it has various scenes of the members in futuristic settings. SuperM has been consistent with their concept – the future. Or futuristic heroes (as I see it). I really enjoyed the styling, choreography, and the overall video.

Here’s my reaction to SuperM’s “One (Infinity & Monster)” MV

The second track is “Infinity”. This song is an anthem to all dreamers and go-getters. The song starts with Baekhyun’s strong vocals, trumpets, Mark’s rapping, and an epic choir in the background. This song sounds larger than life. The vocals and rap blend so perfectly. If there is one song worth hyping, it’s definitely this one.

SuperM is fearless and full of confidence in their third track, “Monster”. This song is less grandiose as “Infinity” but it still carries that powerhouse sound with the vocals and rap from the members.

Something I absolutely love in Super One is the various genres and songs we get in this album. Typically it’s a risk for any artist/group to release an album with songs that are vastly different in sound. But the songs are so well produced and despite having various sounds in one album, it still works.

A perfect example is their fourth track, “Wish You Were Here”. The vocals are softer and has a jazzy vibe to it. This isn’t the type of song we would expect from SuperM. However, the strengths of the vocalists, rappers, and the instrumentation work together. It makes this song an absolute joy to listen to. “Wish You Were Here” is about missing someone, no matter how many years pass you still miss them. It’s a heartfelt song and the harmonies are beautiful. Yes, this is one of my favorite tracks as well. This song was a pleasant surprise.

“Big Chance” is a groovy song that will make anyone move to the beat. It has a smooth vibe and despite the high vocals the members hit each note seamlessly. “Big Chance” is about taking a relationship to the next step. This is a favorite track of mine. The vocals are superb. I believe this is another track not many people would expect from SuperM, but like I said earlier, it works and I love it.

The overall concept of the next song “100” (which we see in the music video as well) is speed. SuperM express they go 100 and they won’t stop or quit in terms of reaching the top. The pre-chorus for this song has a similar sound as “Infinity”, it has trumpets that help build up anticipation for the chorus. This song definitely falls in the same family as “Jopping”, “Infinity”, and “Monster”.

The following track is “Tiger Inside”. SuperM are once again full of confidence in this track. The music video is very unique blending characteristics of a tiger in the choreography and facial expressions in each member. Taeyong’s verse in this song went viral and rightfully so. With each performance we see the charisma of each member, once again the production team behind SuperM really know how to showcase the strengths of this incredible group. I would also like to mention Lucas’ lines are very memorable and I often catch myself repeating his lines too.

Check out my reaction video to SuperM’s “Tiger Inside” MV.

Moving along to the next track, “Better Days” is a comforting song promising listeners that there will be better days to come. It’s a very fitting song for the times we are living in. SuperM understand how difficult things have been for everyone and they manage to provide some encouragement and hope in this track. Their voices are softer and the piano melody throughout the song make it peaceful. Like I mentioned in my SuperM video, I recommend this song to everyone who is going through a hard time. Whether someone likes Kpop or not, whether they know who SuperM is or not, everyone should listen to this song at least once in their life.

SuperM’s track “Together At Home” was written by Mark and Taeyong. This song is lighter and upbeat. “Together At Home” perfectly captures what most of the world has experienced this year – being stuck at home, mostly wearing PJs, feeling lazy, spending our days online, listening to music. The message of this song is, despite how far apart we all are, through music (and the internet) we are still connected. It’s a fun song with a smooth baseline that makes this track super groovy. I often catch myself dancing around the kitchen in the morning listening to this song with a cup of coffee on hand (luckily no coffee spilled).

Oh boy, where do I start with the next song. No doubt “Drip” is probably the sexiest (risqué) song in this album (I’m trying to keep things PG here). When the album was released the internet went crazy over the lyrics. But mostly when Mark was asked in an interview to explain the song and he tried his best to avoid the word sex. Regardless it’s a catchy song, the lyrics and instrumentation are repetitive and if you play it a few times it will definitely be stuck in your head.

The next track, “Line ‘Em Up” is a subtle party song. It’s not over the top, it’s smooth with a nice groove. The flute and base give this track its unique sound and makes anyone want to jam to it. “Line ‘Em Up” is about gathering (and connecting) everyone from around the world and to just have a good time listening to music. This is another favorite track of mine.

By far “Dangerous Woman” is one of the most interesting tracks on Super One. This song feels like a direct reply to Ariana Grande’s hit song “Dangerous Woman”. I have a feeling SuperM (or at least the production team), low-key wants to send a message to Ariana in hopes of a collaboration in the future. This song sounds different than any of the tracks on this album. The sultry vocals and deep base give this track a darker sound. The harmonies in the beginning are heavenly.

I can’t believe they performed this song back in February (before the world shut down). I had no idea this song would be in their album almost half a year later.

The next track “Step Up” is about wanting to get to know someone despite their mysterious façade. Baekhyun and Taemin’s ad-libs in the beginning of the song is everything anyone could ask for. The song starts with a nice slow pace, at first it could be a continuation to “Dangerous Woman”. But the chorus picks up speed and makes this track fun to listen to.

“So Long” starts with Baekhyun and Ten’s vocals and give it a nice fluid R&B sound, followed by Kai’s smooth vocals as well. This is a breakup song, SuperM wants a clean break from a relationship. They don’t care if they are looked at as the cruel bad guy, they want to simply break up and be rid of the relationship and move on. After listening to several breakup songs from male artists, it’s refreshing how SuperM is unapologetic for ending a relationship in this track. Most of the songs I heard (from other groups) the men always feel guilty for ending the relationship but in this track, SuperM doesn’t look back and they’re confident in their decision. I think lyrically and musically this song was great.

The last track on the album, “With You” ends things on a high note. It’s a breezy, upbeat, bright song. The lyrics are all about chasing away bad feelings and wanting to spend time with you. This song is full of good vibes, the vocals (just like in every track) are awesome. If you’re feeling down and need some good energy, blast this song. I can imagine SuperM performing this song at a concert and seeing thousands of fans just enjoying the vibe of this song. “With You” is the perfect song to end such an epic album.

Overall I can’t stress enough how much I thoroughly enjoy this album. There’s no denying 2020 has been a hard year for everyone around the world. Some days are better than others. There have been so many artists and groups release albums that reflect the depressing mood of the year. But I am so proud that SuperM released an album that is so refreshing, hopeful, and full of quality songs that are perfect to play and dance along to all day.

The producers in this album definitely knew the strengths of each member and used it in this album.

Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, Mark, Lucas, and Ten are definitely worthy of being called the Avengers of Kpop.

Super One went beyond my expectations. I figured I would like a couple of songs, but I never expected to enjoy the entire album.

If you haven’t listened to Super One, go ahead and check it out. I’m sure there is at least one track that you will enjoy.


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