September was packed with so many comebacks and October immediately began with a surplus of comebacks as well. Not to mention there’s plenty more to come. I’ve been trying to catch up and thoroughly enjoy each album and song – that is why I made this list a bit late.

In September we officially transitioned from summer to fall. All the bright, tropical concepts and sounds have faded into darker and stronger sounds and concepts.

Before I get to my top list, here are my honorable mentions:

SuperM – “Infinity”

They had an incredible comeback and one of my favorite albums of 2020. They have songs, such as “Infinity“, that are worthy of being on my top 5 (even number 1). I wrote about SuperM’s album in detail here. In this post I want to shed some light on other equally fantastic releases that I haven’t been able to fully talk about yet (that is why SuperM is an honorable mention).

The Boyz – “The Stealer”

Although I haven’t posted a blog on The Boyz comeback yet – their album and especially their performance for “The Stealer” is brilliant. I’ll probably post a blog on their album soon (even though it’s a bit late, sorry). However I did film my reaction to their MV here.

Treasure – “I Love You”

Treasure’s song “I Love You” has one of the best bridges in Kpop. The choreography is so clever. Also their b-side track “B.L.T. (Bling Like This), is so fun as well. I filmed my reaction to their MV here.

So many amazing comebacks I wish I can list them all here. If I haven’t written a blog post on them yet, I will (hopefully soon).

Here are my top 5 Kpop songs released in September:

5. Taemin – Black Rose

Taemin’s entire album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 is another one of my favorite albums (yes along with SuperM and many others). Each song is a work of art. Taemin’s fluid vocals for his title track “Criminal” and b-side track “Black Rose” are exquisite. I do plan on writing a full post on his album. I have so many thoughts on it, that is why it has taken me so long to actually write it. But I will! The reason I chose his song “Black Rose” specifically because it’s something slightly different from what we usually hear from Taemin. It features rapper Kid Milli and I believe it has a very unique sound. I love hearing this side of Taemin.

4. Everglow – No Good Reason

One of the most underrated songs of September is Everglow’s b-side “No Good Reason”. Out of all the songs Everglow has released in their career so far, “No Good Reason” is one of the best. Their vocals, the instrumentation and production of the song is so well done. I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of their title track “La Di Da” which is a stark contrast to “No Good Reason” in terms of sound. However, I am still a fan of this group and I continue supporting them. But definitely “No Good Reason” is an incredible song (along with their other track “Untouchable”). I wish one day Everglow will perform “No Good Reason”.

3. CLC – Helicopter

Check out my reaction video to CLC “Helicopter” MV here.

I said this in my reaction video and I’ll say it here – CLC’s “Helicopter” is an anthem. The lyrics are so empowering, the music in this track is powerful, and it’s an overall confidence-boosting song. CLC definitely hit the mark with this track. Whenever I need some motivation I always go back to this song.

2. Stray Kids – Back Door

Check out my reaction video to Stray Kids “Back Door” MV here.

The music video, performance, choreography, and overall song is incredible. Stray Kids never fail to go above my expectations. “Back Door” is another empowering song with great lyrics. This year Stray Kids definitely gifted us with awesome songs. In their repackaged album they finally released the studio version of their songs, “My Universe”, “Wow”, and “We Go”. I have been waiting for those songs, specifically “We Go” (which is performed by the sub group 3RACHA). When it comes to producing music Stray Kids know what works for them and they generate hit after hit while maintaining their identity as a group and I love that.

1. A.C.E. – Clover

I’m pretty sure no one expected this song to be my number one. But the first time I heard “Clover” I instantly felt something special with this track. I fell in love with it even more after reading the lyrics and even more so after I found out Jun (the leader of A.C.E. and yes my bias) wrote it thinking about the fans. A.C.E.’s vocals truly shine in this track. “Clover” is heartfelt, comforting, and you can feel the sincerity of the members throughout the song.

Yes, their title track “Goblin (Favorite Boys)” is definitely unique and really cool, but I still go back to listening to “Clover” over and over again.

Please support these artists by streaming their music through official music platforms and their official YouTube accounts too.

Overall what an incredible month. Be on the lookout for more blog posts on some of these fantastic albums.

You can check out more of my favorite Kpop songs (that were released) in the month of September on my playlist HERE.


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