From Beautiful Goodbyes to Finding Their Paradise, Pentagon’s EP ‘WE:TH’ Is A Journey of Healing

There are so many things I want to say about Pentagon. The underestimated underdogs of Kpop. Or the nine talented individuals who truly put their heart and soul into their music. The list goes on and on.

This year in particular (ever since their song “Dr. Bebe”, which was released in February) I have kept my eye on this group. After doing my full research on their previous albums, music videos, performances, and watching their journey on the show Road To Kingdom, there’s no denying Pentagon is so much more than just a Kpop group with catchy songs.

So with all that being said let’s dive into their latest mini album WE:TH.

The title of their album, WE:TH is the combination of the words “we” and “with”. If I could sum up this album in one word it would be: healing. I’ll explain more later on.

Check out my reaction video to Pentagon’s “Daisy” MV here.

The first song on their album is their title track, “Daisy”. This is a post breakup song wishing their ex an “unhappy ending”. But the song takes a turn in the end when the members beg for their ex not to leave. The song perfectly captures the pain of loving someone who might not love them back. As well as the pain of departing with that person. “Daisy” is an alternative rock song written by Hui and Wooseok. The genre isn’t something people would expect from Pentagon. But they delivered the song with so much honesty and passion that I believe it will be a top favorite for many (myself included).

The music video conveys the heartbreaking emotions from the lyrics. Each member embodied the feeling of pain and sorrow in their scenes. Something I appreciate about this group is – they are not afraid to bring out those deep emotions and showcase them in their music.

The second track, “Beautiful Goodbye”, is a sad yet beautiful song. The vocals, the melody, and the message of this track can move anyone to tears (or at least almost to tears). “Beautiful Goodbye” is a softer breakup song than “Daisy”. The song is about not wanting to say goodbye but if they have to end their relationship, then they should end it thinking of the good memories they had together.

It’s definitely a bittersweet song. Kino wrote this brilliant track. He explained his thought process of creating this song in their behind-the-scenes video here.

The first time I heard this song I instantly loved it. It’s one of my top favorites from their mini album. I thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth in the pre-chorus with Yanan and Shinwon and in the second pre-chorus with Yeo One and Yuto. Throughout the song the vocals are soft and sincere with traces of sadness. But in the second verse with Wooseok’s rap, his voice is stronger and he delivers the desperation of not wanting to let go of the person.

Overall it’s a beautiful sentimental track that I recommend everyone should give it a listen.

The next song “Nostalgia” was written by Wooseok. He starts and ends the song – singing the first and last verse. In their behind-the-scenes vlog he explained, “Not all memories we have are happy. But whether the memories are happy or not, the time comes when we can talk about our bad memories freely. Those times have become cherished memories to us.” He concluded by saying, “So, don’t look back, don’t regret, and be faithful to the happiness we have now.”

The song has a brighter sound than the previous tracks. It also gives listeners a feeling of hope especially in the last chorus when all the members sing together.

I read a comment online saying the fourth track on this album, “You Like”, is “the best plot twist of 2020”. The song starts one way but it surprises listeners in the chorus with a completely different sound.

When I first heard this track I assumed it would be a fun bright song. Hui’s verse in the beginning made me think we would get a simple cute song. But it surprised me (in a good way). The song changes to a darker, hip hop sound.

I love the contrasts we hear in this track, from the piano in the beginning to the base in the chorus. Even the contrast in vocals from the members throughout the song. This track definitely deserves a choreography and I hope one day we see one.

The last track (from their online album), “Paradise” closes with good vibes. “Paradise” is all about being with the person you love and that is your paradise. The vocals are smooth and the rap verses from Yuto and Wooseok are some of my favorites from the mini album.

I can picture this song will be a crowd favorite during live concerts. It’s the type of song that connects Pentagon with Universe (their fans).

Their physical album has one more song which is from Jinho who is currently serving in the military. I haven’t listened to the song yet – I’m waiting for my WE:TH albums to arrive (yes I pre-ordered both versions because I genuinely love this mini album and group). Once I listen to the song I’ll add my thoughts on that track here.

This album started with heartaches and breakups. We hear the strong emotions of loss and regret especially in the songs “Daisy” and “Beautiful Goodbye”. But things start to change in “Nostalgia” when the members sing about their memories.

In “You Like” Pentagon find their confidence again. This reminds me of the stages after a breakup when you find yourself again and you feel bolder and stronger. “Paradise” reminds me of the stage of finding love again. In the last song Pentagon have found their paradise and they won’t let go of it.

From beautiful goodbyes to finding their never ending paradise – Pentagon has truly delivered a wonderful mini album. Overall I believe WE:TH shows the healing process after a breakup (this is my personal interpretation). It’s beautiful, it’s heartbreaking, it’s bittersweet, yet it’s also hopeful.

I believe the text shown in the end of Pentagon’s “Daisy” music video also describes the journey of heartbreak and healing too.

“Love burns everything, even myself, and fades away like a smoke when I look back. Left here with pain and resentment, all I can do is muttering the lie that I hope for your tragedy. If emotions were light, the pain of tearing each other apart could be a chaos of colors.

“But when those colors come together, they shine brighter and brighter until they become a single white ray of light. Emotions are petals, each with a different shade, and these petals together bloom into a pure white daisy. 

“In the end, we return to our most innocent state, which can lead to another beginning. Sorrow lasts a second, but what we share in our universe is eternal. “

If you’re reading this I encourage you to support Pentagon by streaming their music video for “Daisy” and voting for them on music shows. It also helps if you order their album. Just like their songs – their album is a work of art. Literally it’s a work of art designed by Kino. He designed the cover art with the daisy and it’s wonderful.

To anyone just learning about Pentagon I suggest watching this in-depth interview video.

Once again Pentagon has proven themselves to be excellent songwriters, singers, rappers, and performers who wear their hearts on their sleeves. I hope people will notice and appreciate the art that is their music.

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