B1A4’s ‘Origine’ Album Brings Magic Back Into Our Lives

I will start this post by saying I am currently writing this while drinking a cup of warm tea. This is a good indication on the type of album Origine is. If I could describe it in two words it would be: magical and comforting.

I’ve listened to quite a lot of albums this year but none have felt as magical as this one. I can’t really describe it. Origine just has something special.

So with that being said here are my thoughts on B1A4’s Origine album.

The first track is “Intro – Origine”. It’s an instrumental jazz/trap track. It builds with a synth base and trap drums. The different instruments come together to create a beautiful song that feels like a dream. Then the instruments wind down to sound like it’s coming from an antique radio.

This track prepares listeners for a wonderful musical journey ahead.

Here’s my reaction video to B1A4’s “Like A Movie” MV.

The second song is their title track, “Like A Movie”. The song starts as if it’s coming from an old phonograph. The piano melody sounds timeless. Then suddenly there’s a brief pause and the song starts again with Gongchan’s smooth vocals. The whole song feels whimsical. I like to think of it as a perfect modern-day-waltz.

On “The Kolor” CNU (who wrote and composed the song) explained the meaning behind the lyrics, “It’s a song that has my thoughts about BANA (their fans) and B1A4 being like fate. That no matter what kind of situations come at us, the ending is already decided, like movie. It will all work out in the end. I think it’s a song that best describes our feelings towards BANA.”

One of my favorite lines, which Gongchan sings (this is a rough translation):

Using the stars as lights
I borrowed a song from the birds
We dance alone on the night sky”

The music video is just as beautiful as the song. B1A4 take popular movie themes and incorporate them into the video. I thought it was clever and well done.

The third song on the album, “what is LovE?”, written by CNU – is a song that describes the different feelings of loving someone. This song (dare I say it) is flawless and the lyrics are so wholesome. I often wake up in the morning with this song stuck in my head. The melody, the music, the vocals, everything works perfectly together.

“DIVING” is about falling deeply for someone, it’s the ‘I’d risk it all’ type of love. This song was written by CNU and Sandeul. The song is smooth and it has a slightly darker, mature sound than the previous tracks. Once again their vocals are great, the harmonies in the pre-chorus are some of my favorites. As well as the vocal chants towards the end of the song. But let’s be honest, every part of this song is incredible from start to finish. This is definitely one of those tracks you would play if you’re driving through the city at night.

CNU’s solo track “Zero Gravity” begins with a piano melody and it sounds like it’s coming from a phonograph again (I’m seeing a reoccurring theme here and I love it). The song transitions into trap jazz/R&B. This song has its own color and this is mostly due to CNU. He shows his own music style in this track. Even his vocals are slightly different, it’s grittier and intense in some parts of the song while also being smooth in other parts too. The artist BIBI is featured in this track. Her vocals compliment CNU’s, creating a nice synergy in the song.

Contrast to “Zero Gravity”, the next song “Water drop” is a smooth mid tempo track. It was written by Sandeul. The vocals are once again extraordinary yet calming. The lyrics personify a small water drop atop a mountain and its journey to the ocean.

On “The Kolor” Sandeul explained, “I think I wanted to convey something like: ‘I’m going to color this ocean with my own color.’ I wanted to say something like the aspiration for B1A4.”

Needless to say the song is art.

The seventh song on the album is called, “Wind”, written by CNU. This song is about a one-sided love. The members sing about loving someone but that person disappears and doesn’t seem to love them as much as they do. It’s a mellow track – perfect to listen to after a long day.

Sandeul’s solo track, “Plodding” is a jazzy, peaceful song. It’s a nice continuation to “Wind”. Sandeul’s vocals are exquisite in this track. “Plodding” is about feeling lonely and wondering when that special person will come into his life.

The next song is Gongchan’s solo. It’s a sweet love song, his voice is soft and comforting. The melody in the song is enough to melt anyone’s heart. This song could be the perfect soundtrack to someone’s love story. I enjoy hearing each member’s unique music style in their solo tracks. They’re all different but equally wonderful.

The following song will increase anyone’s serotonin. “Fly” makes listeners feel like they are floating in the clouds. This track was written by CNU. The vocals are once again phenomenal. From my rough translation, this song is about B1A4’s growth and wanting to protect and stand side by side with that special someone.

“Tonight” changes the mood of the album and brings out B1A4’s fun colorful side. The song has that trendy retro-disco vibe to it. “Tonight” was written by CNU. It’s groovy, optimistic, and jam worthy. This is the type of song you want to see B1A4 perform live and sing along to it. It’s definitely a mood booster.

The last song on the album is no doubt a very special song for B1A4. The song is titled after their fans “For BANA”. The song sounds like a 90s ballad, with the electric piano and the mid tempo beat. On “The Kolor” CNU explained that he wrote “For BANA” after reading fans messages they sent him when he enlisted in the military. Sandeul and Gongchan also participated in writing the song. The members express the feelings they have for their fans through the poetic lyrics. This song is heartwarming and beautiful. It’s a wonderful gift to the fans who waited three years for the group’s return.

B1A4 definitely captured my heart with this comeback. Last year I discovered their music but I was unfamiliar with the group. But with this comeback I learned more about the members and the history of B1A4. I have so much respect for CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan for staying united and being heavily involved in their music.

Each member participated in composing and writing for this album. Their sincerity and emotions are definitely felt in each track.

Origine is an album that is equally comforting as it is beautiful. CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan delivered an album that brings magic back into our lives in the form of music. I wish I could personally thank them for releasing an exquisite album.

With all that being said if anyone hasn’t listened to Origine yet, please do.

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