VERIVERY Shatter Barriers in Their Powerhouse Mini Album ‘FACE US’

VERIVERY is a group that continually surprised me with each comeback this year. They definitely solidified themselves as a strong rookie group with a new image in 2020.

They started the year with a darker concept and mature image for the first installment of their new FACE it series. In VERIVERY’s music video descriptions they explain the meaning behind each mini album.

The first mini album of the series was FACE ME, with the title track “Lay Back”. In FACE ME it “illustrated the beauty of the courage to find, feel, and face myself…”

The second mini album (released in the summer) was FACE YOU, with the title track “Thunder”. FACE YOU is about finding courage to move on from ‘self’ to find someone else that they can help heal as well. 

Now they’re back with their mini album FACE US, which is the final installment of the series. FACE US is about connecting and understanding others.

So with all that being said let’s dive into their mini album FACE US.

The first song on their mini album, which is also the title track “G.B.T.B” (Go Beyond The Barrier). The title of the song is exactly what this song is about. VERIVERY want to go beyond the barriers and break the molds that have been placed on them. This song could easily be an anthem. The repetitive chants “Go beyond the barrier” and “Who’s gonna pull the trigger” sends chills down my spine (in a good way). The strong drop in the chorus and the overall composition of this song is well done.

Here’s my reaction to VERIVERY’s “G.B.T.B” music video.

In “G.B.T.B.” music video they master intense choreography while channeling the emotions of the song through their facial expressions. Each member went all out for this video. The visual elements and sci-fi theme of the video is spectacular. One of my favorite scenes is the floating windowsills…when you watch the video you’ll understand. I think that’s a powerful scene and it holds so much meaning. The overall music video is genius.

The second track “My Face” has a darker yet bold sound. The song itself is an interesting composition. The song starts with Minchan’s low voice which already sets the tone for the song. Then it is followed by harmonies from the other members. The pre-chorus builds up with the vocals and the beat. In the chorus their voices drop to a sharp whisper which then gradually builds up again.

This track stood out to me because of the unique chorus. Hoyoung and Dongheon’s rap in the second verse had style and character. “My Face” is an addicting track and it’s easily another one of my favorite songs from the group.

The third song, “Hold Me Tight” is bright and playful. It’s a total contrast from the previous songs on this album. The song is about being attracted to someone and falling for them.

Fans of their earlier music will love this track.

The next song brings us back to the strong sounds established in this album. “Get Outta My Way” starts with a distant chant and a deep base. Then Dongheon starts with a whisper. The first few seconds of the song leaves a strong impression.

From my interpretation this song is about an internal battle. This could be sadness, doubt, fear, or lies. Or it could be the effects of receiving hate or being hurt by someone and those words and actions affect you internally. The final lyrics, “Swallow up all the wounds that bind.” make me believe that they were able to overcome whatever was hurting them. This song has a strong message and it’s another one of my favorites.

I wish VERIVERY could perform this song live. “Get Outta My Way” deserves a strong choreography and equally strong stage presence and I’m sure (if given the chance) VERIVERY could definitely do both.

The next song, “So Gravity” was composed and written by Dongheon, Gyehyeon, and Yeonho. It is a soft song filled with smooth harmonies and a heartwarming message for VERRERs (their fans). This is the track that showcases their vocals. It’s a sweet and comforting song. To me “G.B.T.B.”, “Face Me”, and “Get Outta My Way” are like energy drinks. While “So Gravity” is like a cup of hot chocolate.

In FACE US VERIVERY was able to complete their FACE it series successfully. They showed charisma, charm, and a new bold side to them as a team and I’m all for it.

When VERIVERY debuted in January 2019, they had a cute, playful concept. Their music was bright and bubbly with a bit of 90s retro sounds. But this year they definitely shattered the barrier of sticking to one concept or type of music genre. They showed growth not only through their image but in their performances.

This comeback grabbed my attention and I can’t ignore it. I enjoyed following this series and I’m glad it ended on a strong note – even though I wish they could continue this concept. Either way, I look forward to see what VERIVERY will do next.

Make sure to listen to their album if you haven’t already. You can listen to their album FACE US here.


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