Full Recap of Pentagon’s Online Concert ‘We L:VE’

What are the odds two of my favorite groups would have an online concert one week apart? Last week it was B1A4 and this week it was Pentagon.

Of course when I heard about Pentagon’s online concert I had to buy my ticket. I’m sure just like everyone else, when I heard they had to postpone the concert I was a bit worried – but luckily they announced the new date and I just felt super happy I would see Pentagon (with Hui) live online.

By the way you can read my blog post about their album WE:TH here 🙂

So even though Jinho (the eldest member) wasn’t able to perform because he is currently serving in the military – and this was Yanan’s first concert with the group in a while – Pentagon’s online concert was a success.

The show was held on December 13th, at 3PM (KST) which is….1AM my time. Yes another late night…but totally worth it. Before the show started I made myself some fresh iced coffee, got my snacks, connected my projector and I was ready to go.

The two hour show was divided into five chapters. Each chapter showcasing a different side of the group.

  1. WE L:VE In This World
  2. WE L:VE With Colors
  3. WE L:VE Young
  4. WE L:VE In This Stage
  5. WE L:VE In Universe

Chapter 1 – WE L:VE In This World

Five minutes before the start of the concert there was a video with Pentagon’s logo with chains around it. Every minute a chain would fall after a member would speak. Once the last chain fell, they played a black and white intro video showing each member (all the members are visuals and it’s a fact).

The first song they performed is their powerhouse anthem “Basquiat”. This is one of my top favorite songs (of 2020) since they performed it on Road To Kingdom. I think this was the best way to start the show. The song is high energy, dramatic, and so epic. This was Yanan’s first time performing the song (he wasn’t with the team during RTK) – needless to say he nailed it.

Pentagon performing “Basquiat”.

They continued their high powered performance with their debut song, “Gorilla” followed by “Can You Feel It”. At this point it’s evident Kino has a strong stage presence, his facial expressions are always on point. Throughout the night he captured the essence of each song. Even though Kino isn’t my bias, he definitely got my attention (yes he’s now my bias wrecker…even though I have three bias wreckers….can you blame me?).

But Kino isn’t the only one whose charms flourished during the concert. Each member shined throughout the different performances – and that is why I think Pentagon is such a strong group.

The leader of the group, Hui started the night by welcoming viewers. Then Yanan spoke and admitted he was nervous, it’s been a while since he performed at a concert. When Yeo One spoke he took off his jacket revealing his sleeveless top and hinting – that was a spoiler for a performance. The chat went crazy and I knew whatever performance he had planned was probably going to be sexy.

When Hongseok spoke he confirmed Jinho was in the live chat. He also admitted when he sang Jinho’s part it wasn’t easy. Then Kino shared a message in English, Yuto in Japanese, Yanan in Chinese, then Wooseok, Shinwon, Hongseok, and Hui greeted viewers in various languages.

Kino sharing a message in English. Yes this is a picture of my projection of the concert.
Yanan sharing a message in Chinese. He’s a ray of sunshine…just look at him! ☺️

The next song they performed was highly requested by their fans and it is the dark and sexy, “The Black Hall”. Their vocals were on point, their facial expressions, their overall performance was incredible. I believe this is the sexiest song Pentagon has performed (as a group) thus far. Like many others, I enjoyed it and I wonder if Pentagon might try more sexy concepts in the future? Regardless if they do or don’t I’m still proud of them. They definitely own any and every concept.

So for those of you wondering…yes I was speechless but loving the whole performance.

Then they played a video that transitioned to chapter 2. The individual shots of the members were in color and indeed they all look like models.

Chapter 2 – WE L:VE With Colors

This next segment emphasized on the members individuality through duet performances. First up was Hui and Shinwon performing their unreleased rock song “WTH”. With backup dancers and strobing red lights this was a perfect ode to the rock genre. This performance allowed Hui and Shinwon to fully show off a rebellious side to them.

I never imagined I would see Hui and Shinwon performing a solid rock song together….but I’m very glad I did.

Hui and Shinwon performing “WTH”.

Next duo is Yuto and Wooseok, the group’s main rappers. Yuto performed his solo track “Toxic” followed by Wooseok performing, “Always Difficult Always Beautiful”. Then both of them joined together to perform “Repeat”. We know Wooseok and Yuto are strong rappers and we rarely get to hear them sing. But in this song they were able to bless us with their vocals.

Yuto and Wooseok performing their unreleased song “Repeat”.

Hongseok and Yanan performed a cover of Ailee’s song “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow”. Hongseok stood in one side of the stage and Yanan stood opposite. The projections were exquisite and their vocals made me want to melt. They were so smooth and soft, I loved it. I think the song was very fitting considering the first snow of the season fell the day of Pentagon’s online concert.

Hongseok and Yanan performing “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow”.

Just like I predicted earlier with Yeo One’s spoiler, this next performance was indeed sexy. Yeo One and Kino performed a cover of Taemin’s song “Move”. Yeo One started the performance and Kino surprised everyone when he came in the second half of the song. I think out of all the performances this one garnered a lot of attention, mostly because no one was expecting it (myself included). But they performed it with ease and charisma.

Yeo One and Kino performing “Move”.

Chapter 3 – WE L:VE Young

The next chapter of the show the members came back on stage (except for Yeo One and Kino, I’m assuming they had to change). The stage was transformed to look like a classroom complete with a podium and desks, including a cardboard cutout of Jinho in the back. The members imitated Yeo One and Kino’s performance of “Move” and it was hilarious.

When Yeo One and Kino joined them on stage their skit began. Yeo One was the teacher. Kino played the shy, innocent, new student who had to figure out which club he should join in ‘Pentagon High’. Hui and Shinwon were the rock club, Wooseok and Yuto were another club, and Yanan and Hongseok were the film club. Yeo One was the dance club (or CrossFit as he called it). At one point Kino took off his glasses and performed a little bit of “Move”….I’m telling you the duality of this man is incredible.

From left to right – Yeo One, Yanan, Kino, Shinwon, Hongseok (holding the clapper), Wooseok (behind in the orange hair), Yuto, and Hui next to him – doing their ‘Pentagon High’ skit.

The whole skit was so funny and I loved watching the chaotic energy these guys have. In the end Kino chose to join Hui and Shinwon’s club, a pleasant plot twist. They briefly talked about the college entrance exam and Shinwon’s character was about to take a test. The spotlight was on him and he said he wanted to runaway. The lights dimmed. When the lights came back on the desks were gone and the stage had transformed into an outdoor beach scene. Thus began their next song “Happiness” (Korean version).

Pentagon performing “Happiness”.

Their song “Happiness” is instant serotonin. The guys followed that song with none other than their super catchy and addicting song, “Shine”. When the song started the members did the fan chants and I thought that was cute. Yes, during this song I was singing and dancing to it…I mean who wouldn’t? It was so fun.

At this point it was around 2AM (my time), but I was still full of energy.

After they performed “Shine”, Hongseok admitted that usually during performances they feel recharged when they hear screams and cheers. He missed Universe (their fans) now more than ever. His words were really touching.

Wooseok, Shinwon, Hongseok, Kino, Hui, Yeo One, Yuto, and Yanan after performing “Shine”.

Next up Wooseok introduced what he said is the best sing-along song, “Naughty Boy”. This had to be the cutest performance of the night. The animated frogs on screen and the choreography made me smile so hard. Yes, this is another song I couldn’t help but dance along to it. I would also like to point out the duality of the group as a whole. It’s hard to believe these are the same guys that performed the super sexy, “The Black Hall” earlier. Once again, Pentagon can do any concept and own it.

Pentagon performing “Naughty Boy”.

After “Naughty Boy” they performed their pop rock song (and one of my favorites), “Spring Snow”. In this song the guys seemed relaxed and were just enjoying themselves. This song holds plenty of meanings for the group and for their fans, so watching the guys smile brightly warmed my heart. No doubt everyone was thinking of Jinho (I certainly was). I would like to say that I think it was a perfect coincidence (hate to sound cheesy here…. it could’ve been fate) South Korea’s first snow was on the day of Pentagon’s online concert (like I said earlier).

Pentagon performing “Spring Snow”.

Next they played an interview video.

The first question the members were asked, “What is stage to me?”

(I’m paraphrasing what the members said below – I tried taking notes and I missed some phrases but I think I got the main point of it.)

Yanan said the stage meant joy to him, it’s something that cheers him. Yeo One said the stage is familiar but it also feels distant. Wooseok said a (stage) is a box with lots of images. Hongseok said it is a space that he can best express himself. Yuto, a stage is a place where he can create a new self. Kino, the stage is a space that allows him to exceed his capabilities and limits. Shinwon expressed the stage is his workplace but also a battlefield. Hui honestly said the stage is the place of the most hardships, pressure, and greatest pain. But also the greatest happiness, creates joy, and achievements, it is the place where there are contradicting emotions.

The next question was, “What feelings do you get standing on stages?”

Kino, thrills. A climax followed by a punch – everyones eyes on them, something sparks in his mind. Yeo One, feels all emotions. He explained that in their second stage after debut, he heard the cheers from their fans and it was overwhelming. Prior to that moment, he had never cried of happiness and he was grateful. Yanan, he feels lots of joy and frustration. But mostly frustration over joy because he can’t live up to his expectations, but he cannot give up. Hui said he felt a bit of sadness recently when performing on stages because it won’t be long until he has to enlist in the military.

The third question, “When do you feel most alive on stage?”

Shinwon, he feels alive at every moment while he’s on stage. When they are off work he feels empty. Yuto, when he hears their fans and when they say his name. Hongseok feels most alive on stage when he performs with a live audience, making eye contact and feeling their energy. As well as Hongseok, Wooseok said he feels alive on stage with an audience, when he hears their cheers and sees their eyes.

Chapter 4 – WE L:VE On Stage

The next segment of the show began with the members emerging back on stage wearing white suits. Hui and Wooseok had white turtle necks versus Yeo One and Yanan were only wearing the jacket and no shirt underneath. Once again I would personally like to thank their stylists for doing a fantastic job. Even though I’m sure some of the members were probably hotter than others (temperature wise) 😉

The screens on stage looked really cool, it kept changing designs and it was awesome. They performed their song “Paradise” which is a high energy fun song.

Pentagon performing “Paradise”.

The next song is “You Like”. I enjoyed the start of the song how the group was split into two teams. On one side of the stage is Hui, Yeo One, Shinwon, and Kino. On the other side was Hongseok, Yuto, Yanan, and Wooseok. Then they joined together in the middle of the stage. The choreography was strong and the lights and screens went crazy, it was another awesome performance.

The guys kept their energy because the next song was, “Sha La La”. I don’t know how they performed “Paradise”, “You Like”, and now “Sha La La” consecutively. The choreography was sharp and not once did the members look tired. They kept their vocals smooth while doing the choreography. The screen walls and the screens on the floor were full of colorful designs. The song was fun, the stage was fun, and I continue having fun watching this online concert, singing and dancing in my room.

Pentagon performing “Sha La La”.

The members took time to talk to their online audience. Shinwon said they saw the comments filled with blue hearts especially during their performance of “Paradise” and “You Like”. This was their first time performing those songs. Hui said although it was frustrating not having Universe physically present, it was still a joyful day. He hopes one day to stand in front of Universe again.

Hui announced the next song would be their last and it was none other than, “Daisy”. I really liked watching the facial expressions of each member during this song. They performed it with so much emotion. I love how the members go all out when they’re on stage.

The performance ended with all the guys in front of one of the screen walls with the drawing of a daisy (that Kino created for the album).

Pentagon after performing “Daisy”.

Of course, like everyone else, I was expecting an encore stage. The black screen suddenly showed a charging sign (like from an iPhone).

When it was fully charged it showed cute text messages from each member to Universe. I have to say, this was so adorable. Their messages said they missed Universe, everything will be alright, it’s been so long since they last met, etc. While they showed these messages their song “To Universe” played in the background.

Members of Pentagon sharing cute text messages to their fans Universe.

Hui’s message said, “The most precious of all over 4 years we made such great memories together holding on to them, I will go serve in the army and be back very soon! None of the words none of the things, could possibly compare to Universe. Under the name of Pentagon be loved, breathe, live all that is because we live in Universe.”

Chapter 5 – WE L:VE In Universe

The members came back on stage for the encore, wearing the WE L:VE concert shirt and each member held light sticks. They performed their song “Nostalgia”. Suddenly we hear voices and the screens behind them show Universe singing along to the song and waving their light sticks. Some of the members got emotional watching them.

Pentagon performing “Nostalgia” with Universe behind them on the screens.

When the song ended the members admitted they didn’t know that would happen. According to Hongseok, the fans performing wasn’t part of the script, it was definitely unexpected.

Then the members took turns in sharing how they felt.

Yanan was touched by the surprise. Even though Universe wasn’t in front of them he said they were still connected by heart. In the future he will think of their online concert. He said it was perhaps the happiest moment of this year, he thanked everyone for waiting on him.

Next Yuto said it was fun preparing for the show. He showed in the side of his hand he had Jinho’s birthday.

Yuto with Jinho’s birthday written on the side of his hand.

Yeo One said he couldn’t sleep because he was excited for the online concert. He hopes to meet with Universe in person again, he said until then everyone should stay well.

Kino said what they thought was normal isn’t normal anymore (I’m assuming he meant having offline concerts). He expressed how happy he was to stand there and still perform. He then shared a message in English – he truly appreciates our time. At this point he was about to cry. He said he was very grateful to make another happy concert and he won’t forget this time and he wants everyone to stay healthy.

Hongseok said he felt the same as the members. They really tried hard for the concert, they put so much effort. When they got the news that the concert was delayed it hit him hard for a few days, he couldn’t do anything about it. Then he heard the concert would go on. Standing on stage he felt relieved and thankful. Every time he gets on stage – he lives for that moment. He wants Universe to know that he always appreciates them and he misses them so much, he thanked them for giving them this memory.

Shinwon said as their first online concert this was so fun. He said while they were preparing he kept thinking these performances would’ve been cooler offline with Universe physically present. He said let’s pray for this chaos (Covid) to end. He expressed how he prayed for Universe and he had so much fun during their online concert.

Wooseok thanked Universe. He said nine members gathered with passion and stood on stage to give out the passion they have. He said even though we are all living through hard times, we should show the world we don’t lose.

I think it’s sweet how he said nine – even though Jinho wasn’t physically present he was still with the team.

Next Hui said the absence of Universe was too big. On behalf of the team he said he really loves and appreciates everyone watching. They had a lot of hardships over the years. So much had happened over time, changes they had to face, but they are still standing tall. They made it through all the hardships because Universe had been there protecting them along the way. He said in a few days he’ll have to go away for a while but he’ll come back even more handsome, healthier, and better. He thanked Universe once again.

Kino then explained what each chapter meant and ultimately they named the online concert We L:VE (we live) because “we live in Universe”. Every single moment they are grateful.

Hui then said that their last song of the night was written by Kino and for Universe to pay close attention to the lyrics. For the days ahead he hopes our days are full of happiness.

Then they performed the last song, “Eternal Flame”. The part that (I’m sure) surprised everyone was hearing Jinho’s voice. The members raised their mics when Jinho sang. It was so touching. The lyrics are so beautiful. This easily became a new favorite Pentagon song for me. At one point of the performance I got emotional. Even Shinwon was crying.

Pentagon raising their mics (except Yeo One and Yuto lolz) as Jinho’s voice sang “Eternal Flame”.
Hui thanking Universe.

The members took their final bow and one by one they waved everyone goodbye.

Pentagon’s final bow for their online concert ‘WE L:VE’.

I was surprised Hui didn’t cry, considering this is their last concert together (until he returns from serving in the military). I’m glad he kept things light and positive. I’m sure if he would’ve cried everyone would’ve cried too (including me cause he’s my bias).

Overall Pentagon’s online concert We L:VE was energetic, fun, wild, sweet, and hopeful. Even though Jinho is serving in the military and soon Hui will follow, I still feel hope for Pentagon’s success.

Pentagon is the first Kpop group that I actively went out of my way to support them. They’re the first group I voted for in music shows, pre-ordered their albums, consistently streamed their music, etc. So yes, Pentagon is another special group to me.

They have gone through so much and they have gotten stronger. I’m glad to witness Pentagon’s journey and I’ll continue supporting and rooting for them.


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