Here’s My Story On How I Got Into 2PM

Hello everyone, this is the first blog post I write explaining how I got into a group. This is very exciting for me 😀

So here’s a brief backstory – I discovered Kpop in the end of 2018 onto 2019. I still consider myself relatively new to Kpop. But while discovering Kpop I heard of the group 2PM, “Beastly idols”. I knew they were the older brother group of GOT7 and Stray Kids. Also I watched other boy groups cover their songs but I never decided to fully check out 2PM just yet.

I don’t remember exactly when it was, but earlier this year I was binge watching Stray Kids vlogs. Then I stumbled upon the video of Bang Chan learning “My House”. I saw two members of 2PM surprise Bang Chan and give pointers on the choreo. I thought it was so sweet how his seniors took time out of their day to visit him. Seeing how the two members took care of Bang Chan, I realized these 2PM guys must be one of the sweetest seniors ever.

Later on I found out Jun.K (my bias) and Wooyoung are the sweet seniors that surprised Bang Chan that day.

Moving on, I watched Bang Chan’s cover of “My House”, I loved it. So I decided to actually check out 2PM and a few of their MVs. I LOVED “My House”. But after that brief discovery I was distracted by other comebacks and my curiosity for 2PM would have to wait.

However, in April, that’s when everything changed.

I was binge watching BTOB’s vlogs. Can you tell I love watching vlogs? In one of their videos, there was a brief segment of Minhyuk practicing the choreography to “My House”. Seeing how he was trying to get the steps right, my curiosity for 2PM reignited.

I loved the choreography and I needed to see a dance practice video of the OGs doing it. So I searched up 2PM “My House” dance practice. Then from that point on I binge watched as many 2PM videos as I could. Unhelpful guides, MVs, interviews, concerts, performances, you name it I probably watched it.

Jun.K became by bias after watching this video.

While I was watching their videos I figured out why I was so drawn to them.

I’m sure anyone who loves 2PM will agree with me – but the thing that I loved about 2PM was how different they were from other groups. They were sexy, masculine, charismatic (and at times crazy).

So seeing this beastly group was so refreshing and new to me. I loved it.

However, the moment that solidified my love for this group and I became a Hottest was after I watched the video “2PM giving JYP a headache for 20 minutes”. That’s when I knew these guys are legends and I have no choice but to stan.

Even though I would’ve loved to have discovered 2PM sooner – I think I discovered them at the right time. April was a tough / transitional month for me. I was called back to work (after a whole year working from home, the transition was difficult). PLUS I got my vaccine, which was a good thing but it was hard at first. Then there was construction at my house so I couldn’t be home for a while. Yeah, it wasn’t easy.

I remember waiting in line to get the vaccine and I just watched 2PM’s vlogs. After the vaccine I was feeling a bit under the weather and my arm was painfully sore. So in order to take my mind off the pain I watched 2PM’s concert videos. This group alone made the time pass by super quick.

Going back to work was hard. I hated everything about it. But once again, 2PM and their music really helped my day go by. Then I discovered Jun.K’s solo music…and that’s a whole other story to tell. His style of performance really impressed me. 😉

But anyway, I love how connected each member is: Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung. Even when the members were in the military they still provided lots of content for Hottest on their YouTube channel and social media. They never went MIA once and that shows these guys will always be there.

Their comeback solidified that 2PM are guys that keep their promises. They said they would be back, all six of them, and indeed they did.

So there you have it, the story of how I got into 2PM.


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