‘…such an absolute, unequivocal delight.’ Hottest Share Their Thoughts on 2PM’s Long-Awaited Comeback

Jun.K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung are all together again after five years. To anyone who might be new to 2PM – the group was on hiatus as the members completed their mandatory military service.

On June 28th, they came back with their 7th album MUST. Trust me it’s a musterpiece 😉

2PM made a promise and they kept it. Hearing a group say they’ll be back and they actually do come back, there’s a sense of reassurance / security. Even with Taecyeon signing under a different agency, he still came back and 2PM promoted as six. Huge thank you to 51K and JYP for working together throughout this promotion.

2PM welcoming Junho back from the military in a Wild Six episode on their YouTube channel.

By the way, I filmed several videos about this comeback, including a full album review. You can check them out HERE. Also if you’re curious how I got into 2PM, I wrote a blog about it HERE.

Because this comeback is so special I wanted to include Hottest (their fans) feedback on this post. So I asked on my channel and on Twitter,

“What is your favorite thing about 2PM’s comeback?”

Here’s what they said:

“Jun K’s iconic ottoke songs🤣🤣🤣 – Noris

Teac stealing hearts from others🤭” – Munira

Junho and Taecyeon during their Twitter Blueroom live.

Their genuine friendship 😍 After 5 years they’re still the same you can see how strong their brotherhood is. They are more relaxed (when it comes to performing)..the pressure is still there but they are more on… to just enjoy & have a good time every time they see each other .. …. As usual. ..Still the dorkiest and funniest kpop group.. No pretensions.. They just go with the flow & stayed as themselves in front of everybody…. 2PM is 👑 💗❤💚💙💛💜” – Angel

The most beautiful voices in this incredible songs of this album ❣️ and of course their no way to hold their dorkiness ❤️😍 Plus: the honest happy faces in all the shows they were in. They love being together and what they’re doing ❤️❣️👌” – Angeles

All the 2PM contents and to see their brotherly bonding still the same. Chaotic, dorky 6 handsome men. 🥰” – Nur

I love everything about their comeback, especially when Taecyeon took other member’s heart for the HOTTEST 💗” – BeautyandTheBest

Honestly, my favorite thing about this comeback is the fact that it exists at all. I became a fan in 2016, right before the release of “Gentleman’s Game”, and knowing that it would be their last album as a group for who knew how long… I couldn’t help but have a heavy heart back then.

I regretted not getting into them sooner, and finding out about them so late when it seemed my first comeback with them might’ve also been my last. It’s not often that groups survive going through military enlistment completely intact, and a 2PM without all 6 members just hurt to think about.

I’m so, so happy to be able to see for myself that my fears were unfounded. Seeing all of 2PM releasing the same banger albums, delivering the same powerful stages, and goofing off in the same shenanigans that they’ve always done has been such an absolute, unequivocal delight.

There is no group like 2PM out there, and seeing all six of them in 2021 – somehow even more handsome, more charismatic, and more chaotic than ever before – there’s just no feeling like it. It completely warms my heart so much, like a hug from a good friend <3.– LPuffin

2PM during their ‘MUST’ comeback show after performing “Hold You”.

Seeing OT6 together after 5 years is the best, I love this ending fairy so much too, and Taec’s attack to member for stealing their heart is really fun 😂😂😂” – Galaxy02

For someone like me, who has been a Hottest for more than 12 years, it’s not easy task to talk about. Their brotherhood is not something new to me, or the improvement of the line rappers’ vocal is not something that it can surprise me. Because I knew they’re doing their best to improve. I knew they are hard working to show us the best performance.

And despite that so many people out there, told me, they’re gonna disband, because of this hiatus and Taecyeon’s decision to change his company, I had this faith that 2pm won’t disappoint me and I was so right😎😎 Maybe the most iconic part of this comeback for me was to feel relieved that so many new fans started to appreciate these talented gentlemen. 😍😍😍” – Afarin

Wooyoung, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Jun.K, Junho, and Chansung after performing “Make It”.

Favorite things about this comeback are them being our OT6. They are my only Man Group that I love. Even though Taec is not in the same label their bond is strong. Saranghae my Lovely Men.– Leha

I know 2PM since 10yrs ago but not becoming their fans [wasn’t part of the fandom], just heard their song and not looked forward for them. But this early year in Jan 2021, I’ve watched ILiveAlone (Wooyoung) and it’s like a flashback. And also I really love “I’ll Be Back” song and kept watching “I’ll Be Back” live performance and I FELL IN LOVE WITH 2PM! I’M A NEW HOTTEST, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. AND OF COURSE I WANT THEM STICK TOGETHER TILL THE END! 😍😍😍😍😍” – Nurain

That they are back 😏” – Khairul

The way they hype Wooyoung as Jang PD. and the interactions of these men esp Taeckhun and Taec heart finger maniac.” – Juwaaa

Nichkhun, Junho, and Taecyeon during their Twitter Blueroom live.

I think this comeback is really special because:

  1. It’s their comeback after 5 years hiatus 😭
  2. “My House” popularity in 2020 made people curious and expect this comeback a lot. We got a lot of new Hottest and people who used to only know 2PM existence without actually listening to their song started to listen to their songs.
  3. The members were really excited with their comeback and you can definitely see it.
  4. They promoted the song for a whole 2 weeks. Maybe it’s not a big deal for another group fans but for Hottest, it’s such a blessing. They only promoted “My House” for 5 days and appeared on 1 variety show (Running Man) and then went straight to Japan.
  5. 2PM know that Hottest missed them so they give us a lot of content, did a lot of Vlives, and even communicated with fans through Twitter. Last but the most important thing 💕
  6. The song is such a bop. The choreo is really good. I love this song a lot because all members shine in this song. I think Wooyoung did such a great job in dividing the parts. It really suits them.– Sinta

Something I loved about this album/comeback was that even after a five-year hiatus, the group managed to maintain their sexy and elegant identity without looking dated, they managed to modernize their own characteristics. I also loved how much the members were involved with the entire development of the album, but that’s something they’ve been doing for years.– Rejane

The MUST album itself. That album is gold! I love its overall vibe. Their smooth vocals is heaven to my ears. 🥰” – Hanna Brielle (Twitter)

One of my favorite thing about this comeback is Taec-hyung pulling hearts from other members (it’s contagious, others ended up doing it as well), as well as all the hidden hearts he did during their stages (Check his fancams! There were a lot!)!– 2pmGeek (Twitter)

The dorkiness and the CHAOS hahaha, the finger hearts saga is genuinely amusing.” – Nicole

Taecyeon during A.D.T.O.Y. performance…showing off his heart.

*Recently added comments from more Hottest!

It is just the fact that they are all back like completely make me feel so pleased. And 1 more thing is that each of them has improve so much in various aspects.. I’m so proud 😍😍😍 and also not to forget how their way of calling out for hottest never change After all these years.” – Faizah_nadzri (Twitter)

It’s the bond. Even though 5 years has passed, their bond is still strong, and is the same 🥺🥺 it felt like 5 years had not passed, really. and they are still so good and humble 🥺🥺” – Kyla (eyesmilefox) (Twitter)

2PM FINALLY COMEBACK” – itsme (nikaies786) (Twitter)

Just them being together again after so long. To see them being the 2PM I fell in love with back in 2009…” – blopfan (Twitter)

I’d probably say this little interaction between Taec and Khun had me 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 throughout their comeback 💚❤️ #2PM ” – Koke (coucouTaec) (Twitter)

Seeing them finally together on stage, doing what they love and enjoying the process. Seeing them happy makes me happy.” – ok_taecmeaway (Twitter)

I think the growth they showed. When they started in the industry it was all about achieving what success would mean then. Success this time around felt more real, more mature, more meaningful. They really did an album with their colour for themselves and for hottest who waited.” – bellnabilah (Twitter)

The whole album #MUST. It is a real masterpiece. I had high expectations on this cb coz of how much I adore No. 5 and GG but this cb surpass my expectations.” – weirder13 (Twitter)

Seeing them being happy and chaotic together ❤️ #2PM #투피엠 #해야해 #Makeit #MUST ” – danyGCH94 (Twitter)

Well there you have it!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this blog post. I agree with everyone’s comments about this comeback. I look forward to talking more about 2PM with you all, especially for their anniversary and upcoming Japanese album 😀

If you’re new to 2PM, I highly recommend checking out this group. They’re sexy, smooth, sweet, and a bit crazy. Check out their album MUST and their content. You won’t regret it.


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