Yes, I know what you’re thinking….

Eli it’s freaking August, what the heck?

Well dear reader, in my defense I have taken my sweet time to enjoy all these comebacks. Also two of my ULT groups had a comeback in the same month. So my focus was primarily on those groups for most of June (and July). Therefore I’ve had to go back and check out all the music I missed.

So with that being said, June was full of so many gems! I HIGHLY encourage you to please check out all the songs (and groups) I’ll mention 😀

This list is in no particular order.

B.I “illa illa”

Probably one of the most underappreciated comebacks, considering everything this man has been through. B.I’s album Waterfall, is raw and honest. There’s no doubt B.I is one of the best lyricists of our generation. His title track “illa illa” is a perfect example of that. Hanbin really poured everything in his music. THANK YOU B.I for not giving up.

I did film a reaction video to his MV, but due to technical issues I wasn’t able to upload it and I’m so sad about that. I truly love this man’s music and I want to share my love for his album to the world. Hopefully one day I’ll probably film a video talking in depth about his album, or maybe write a blog post. Seriously people, PLEASE listen to B.I’s music. ❤️

EXO – “Don’t fight the feeling”

Here’s my reaction to EXO “Don’t fight the feeling” MV.

EXO is one of my ULT groups, so when they released Don’t Fight the Feeling, most of my time was spent replaying the album. I wrote a blog post on their comeback (and filmed several videos too). I love their b-sides “Runaway” and “Paradise” but I keep replaying “Don’t fight the feeling”. What can I say? The song is super fun and uplifting.

LUCY – “One by One”

Alright, so this is a group that deserves way more recognition. They are a band (yes a band!). Their music is so chill, they blend several genres and having a violin player definitely gives them a unique sound. Their music is right up my alley.

Their song “One By One” reminds me of a California road-trip. To be honest all their songs give me that road-trip / chill vibe and I love it. I enjoy LUCY’s previous releases too, but this is definitely another comeback from them I recommend everyone checks out.

Ok, I never do this on my Kpop monthly favorites blog posts. But I need to share another video of LUCY. Seriously this band has incredible music. So I included the MV to their title track “I Got U” as well. Check it out.

Monsta X – “Addicted”

Here’s my reaction to MONSTA X “Gambler” MV.

Leave it to Monsta X to release a sexy song that is quite literally addicting. Out of all the songs on their album, “Addicted” is still my favorite. I love their vocals and overall the smoothness of this song.

2PM – “Make it”

Here’s my reaction to 2PM “Make it” MV.

2PM is my other ULT group that had their comeback, literally in the end of June. Sexy, suave, and sophisticated. 2PM continued showing they are beastly idols who have matured and keep dominating in their craft – both in their performances and music. All the songs in their album, MUST, are wonderful. I wrote a special blog post on their comeback, you can check it out HERE. Also I wrote another post on how I got into 2PM, HERE.

Seventeen – “Heaven’s Cloud”

Here’s my reaction to Seventeen “Ready to love” MV.

Heavenly, sweet, and beautiful. Seventeen blessed us with their smooth vocals. Their whole album is great, I filmed an album review on it you can watch it HERE. Their other b-side track that I recommend checking out is “Anyone”, of course along with their title track “Ready to Love”.

Ha Sung Woon – “Sneakers”

This song took me by surprise. I didn’t think I would like it that much, but my goodness I LOVE this song. It’s so fun and bright. Sung Woon definitely gave us another summer jam to add to our playlists.

Twice – “Alcohol-Free”

Here’s my reaction to Twice “Alcohol-Free” MV.

I don’t know what it is with JYP but every time their groups release music it’s good. But the more you listen to it, it keeps getting better. When I first heard “Alcohol-Free” I enjoyed it, it’s definitely a different type of summer song. But over the next couple of weeks the song really grew on me and I’m obsessed with it, same for the choreography. The song is refreshing, light, and it’s different from all the other summer songs out there.

N.Flying – “Flashback”

Here’s my reaction to N.Flying “Moonshot” MV.

Ah yes, another awesome band. N.Flying returned with a great album full of some incredible lyrics. I love their title track “Moonshot”. But the song I’ve replayed the most is “Flashback”. The song is bittersweet, I think this would be great to play at the end of a movie. I love it, there’s so much emotion in Seung Hyub and Hwe Seung’s voices. Listening to N.Flying is always fun and I recommend checking out their music.

Brave Girls – “Chi Mat Ba Ram”

Here’s my reaction to Brave Girls “Chi Mat Ba Ram” MV.

Brave Girls solidified themselves as the ultimate summer queens. Their mini album can put anyone in the summer mood instantly. I wrote a blog post (and filmed an album review too) on their comeback, HERE. Overall “Chi Mat Ba Ram” and their b-side “Pool Party” featuring DKB E-Chan, have been on repeat throughout June, July, and now August.

Han Seungwoo “See you again”

Seungwoo released a mini album before he enlisted in the military and my goodness it is packed with emotion. I actually filmed my reaction video to his song “See you again”, but I was sobbing so much I decided not to upload it. I hate crying on camera. But the song, his voice, the video it was all so beautiful. All the songs on his mini album are heartfelt and wonderful. Seungwoo is another artist who has gone through so much. I wish him health and happiness and we’ll be waiting for his return.

There’s plenty more comebacks that I’ve enjoyed from June. You can check out the other songs that I didn’t mention here on my monthly Spotify playlist.

Well that’s all for now folks!


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